Women Worshipers Say We Are On The Rails ...

12 women using trams in the light rail system in Eskişehir impress with their performances.
Fatma Bostan (12), one of the 31 female residents at Eskişehir Light Rail System (ESTRAM), told Anadolu Agency (AA) that she has been a residencyman for about 9 years and said that she is one of the first female residents in Eskişehir.
Explaining that he graduated from Ankara University Çankırı Vocational School, Department of Machinery, Bostan said that he did not know the meaning of the word "vatman" before starting work.
Bostan, after graduating from university education and began to look for a job by expressing, said:
“A paper came from the Provincial Directorate of İşkur saying 'would you like to be a vatman-' I went to the meeting. First of all, they taught what it means to be retired. I passed the necessary exams for tram driver. Then I started this business. I was a steering instructor before. I was teaching ladies to drive. Using a tram is easier than driving a car. I am honored, proud and happy to be a veteran, it's a nice profession. Most importantly, you are carrying people's lives, I feel responsible. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman while doing this job. As a female driver, I can do everything a male driver can do. Ladies should not be afraid of anything. They can do anything whenever they want. I am making a career, doing my job and looking after my child. "
- "I use the tram as well as male trainers" -
Explaining that he uses the tram 6 days a week, Bostan said, “I use the tram as well as male drivers. I'm taking 300-400 people at a time. They say, 'Ladies cannot drive, cannot be careful in traffic'. It has nothing to do. I coach as well as a male driver, ”he said.
Bostan, women's homeland constantly met the interest of the public expressed, said:
“I do not have the luxury of looking in the mirror while using the tram. I look back in the rear view mirror from the side, but I use the vehicle's speedometer at the stops to look at myself. I continue on my way by looking at my image reflected there and correcting my makeup. I also love to read books. I have a book that I never let go of, I read it during breaks. One day I came to SSK Stop and it was 3 minutes before departure. I am in a very exciting place in the book. A passenger knocked on the window. I opened the door, an old aunt said 'what are you doing my daughter'. I said 'I am reading a book'. He said, 'You read a book even for a little break, I want to give you a bookmark that I made myself and earned money from it. Please don't stop reading the book, 'he said. I will never forget this gift. I never miss reading a book and when I see that aunt on the road, I wave to her. "
Öznur Mutlu, one of the female residents, stated that she has been working at ESTRAM for 9 years and said, “I got married after I started working. I run my home, child and business together. Passengers and drivers get angry with us when the traffic is busy sometimes. They are us, we have to respect them. "If this happens, there will be no problem," he said.
Demet Özaslan stated that she started to work after 3 months of training and exams and said, “Our job has many difficulties. It requires pure attention. We are in traffic, not off the line. "We love our job," he said.
- "We are very satisfied with the women educators" -
ESTRAM General Manager Erhan Enbatan, said they carry a daily average 100 thousand passengers on trams.
Explaining that 60 of the 12 residents working in the institution are women, Enbatan said, “We have seen that our women are very successful in this regard if they receive a good education. They are doing their job very meticulously. We are extremely satisfied with them. We have not received any complaints from the people of Eskişehir about women educators, ”he said.

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