Transformation is in progress in Uludağ

📩 24/11/2018 11:33

The works initiated by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for Uludağ to become a favorite holiday and congress center in the international arena continue at full speed. Investigating the work of transformation in Uludağ, Mayor Recep Altepe, 1 stated that they aim to complete the infrastructure works initiated in the summer months in the summer months.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, AK Party Bursa deputy Ismet Su, Metropolitan Municipality Consultant Fahrettin Yildirim, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Bayram Vardar and BUSKI General Manager Ismail Hakki Cetinavci together with the infrastructure studies in Uludag examined on-site.
Inspector Altepe, who first made investigations in the Hotels Region, said that they wanted to complete the sewerage operations in the summer months.
”Works will be completed in summer“
Mayor Altepe said that the state of solid and liquid wastes of the hotels should be buried in history with the completion of the infrastructure works in the region. Tüm Infrastructure works here are continuing at full speed. We completed the 8 kilometer of the 6 kilometer main sewer line that we started last month. At present, sewer lines are connected to main phyticides. The building connection work also started. When the work is finished, sewage of the hotels in the region will not flow into the creeks İş.
Hotels in the region, along with sewerage work in drinking water, indicating that they start the President Altepe, in the summer months, said they aimed to finish these studies. President Altepe, all the work will be completed, other above-ground work will begin, from day-to-day facilities, sports facilities and ski area arrangements will be developed rapidly all the region said.
Access to the Hotel Zone
Reminiscent of renewing the cable car which offers easy access to Uludağ from Bursa, Mayor Altepe said, an When the new ropeway is completed, its capacity will be increased by approximately 12. At the same time, our new ropeway will reach to the existing Kadıyayla and Sarıalan stations and also to the Hotel Zone. In other words, the length of the cable car line, which is now the 4600 meter, reaches the 8800 meter. The last station of the lift will be this area in the second region of the Hotels Region. The cable car will arrive at the last station from Sarıalan. In this way, our citizens from the cable car rides from Bursa, 22 minutes to the Hotel Zone, from where they will be able to reach the hotel with their service vehicles, Bu he said.
President Altepe stressed that the citizens coming to Bursa to ski to Bursa can easily reach the Hotel Zone without needing any vehicles and can only reach the new ropeway. As Metropolitan Municipality, we continue to work in every corner of Uludağ. Not only in the Hotel Zone, but also in other areas such as Sarıalan, Çobankaya, Dolubaba, Kirazlıyayla and Kadıyayla, our work continues in a rapid manner.
”Bursa in Bakacak under your feet”
Altepe, describing the work related to Bakacak, gesi Bakacak region, Bursa is one of the most beautiful points. People are watching Bursa from here. We have also created a beautiful view terrace in order to prevent the problems experienced in these past years. Bursa, under your feet. From here, this landscape can be comfortably watched in safety and with great pleasure. Buradan
President Altepe, after obtaining permissions in the region, other arrangements will be carried out in different projects will be done sporting activities, he said.

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