Two electric bicycles collide on the tramway at midnight in Antalya

At midnight in Antalya, two electric bicycles collided on the tramway. The young, who was seriously injured in the head, was intervened by a vacationer neurosurgeon who was passing by by chance.
The incident occurred in the past midnight against the Dönerciler Bazaar. Vedat Belten, who went out of their business and went home, electric bicycles led by Onur Karapınar collided on the tramway. As a result of the collision, electric bicycles jumped to the edge of the tramway. One of the electric bikes was divided into two. Vedat Belten fell in blood, striking his head in the tram rail where he fell.
The other driver, Onur Karapınar, was again slightly injured in the head. Those who saw the accident intervened in the injured. A holidaymaker, who was passing through the scene by accident and worked as a neurosurgeon in a hospital in Çanakkale, intervened in Vedat Belten, who was seriously injured in the head. The neurosurgeon, who did not bring anyone close to the injured person until the medical teams arrived, also informed the incoming medical teams about the condition of the injured. Vedat Belten was taken to Antalya Training and Research Hospital by ambulance. Onur Karapınar refused the medical team's request for treatment in the second ambulance.

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