What Happened to Tüvasaş's Moving Adventure to Ferizli?

Is Tüvasaş finished?
I've been told a lot of words.
Ferizli Mayor Ahmet Soguk
"Tuvasas will come to Ferizli," he said.
Following is Cemal Yaman, the President of the Railway Union
“It would be a big mistake to carry Tuvasas to Ferizli,” he said.
While politicians try to be cautious
Both AK Party MP
Contact Hasan Ali directly
Contact ayhan directly
Talk to Ferizli
Tuvasas will take time to move, but
They said it should be.
What happened?
Last Minister of Transport
Binali Yıldırım explained ..
If it's true ...
This talk took place in the press.
“The factory is in place. There is no going anywhere ..! ”
He called ..
Then what a deputy,
Nor a comment from the tafras.
As if the representatives of the railway-business
They were pleased with the explanation, but they didn't say anything about it.
OK then
Ferizli Mayor Ahmet Soğuk;
He didn't even comment.
He did not speak ..
But what happened?
Did the cold get cold from this?
So the move of Tuvasas to Ferizli fell into the water ..?
All statements
Talks ..
Beyenat on ..
Stakings ..
What happened..?
A scholar came to me recently;
Expressing that there are problems in Ferizli,
Ahmet Soğuk's exit in the last months is meaningful and
After the process with the paving stones, the bottom
"Candidate again or not again, I do not know him, but his job is not very easy."
One knows ..;
“It's hard to do ... In a small town like Ferizli, you will get tons of cobblestone and you will say it's in the warehouse? You will also pay your money in advance. But where will he lay these cobblestones in Ferizli? How will you lay it? Perhaps the field roads will also be paved with cobblestone if he tries to lay them all down. Also, this distress would take him away. However, the deputy of the region, Ayhan Sefer Üstün, is not known for the reason. Was this statement made to change the agenda and to protect Ahmet Soğuk? The President raises his question, and the President has not been able to make any clarifying statements on this matter. It has lost the trust of the people of the region. While all this is happening, President Soğuk unfortunately could not deal with the issue of Tuvasas ”.
This is the situation..
Tüvasaş place ..
Deputy Ayhan Sefer Üstün at
They keep quiet in Mayor Ahmet Soğuk.
Tüvasaş problem
It's probably on the shelf.

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