Ranked second last on the railway between Turkey and European countries 21

Turkey 21 passenger and freight transport by rail between European countries in the second last row.
Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (electricty) Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, according to Turkey's international statistics, 21 in passenger and freight transportation by rail between European countries was pointed out that in the second last row.
In a written statement made by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers' kaydedildi.söz subject that describes the Railway Truth Report on Transportation in the report, after the 1950s-li years, our country highway is administered mainly a transport policy and railway construction of which is expressed in came to a halt, Turkey's international statistics According to the report, it was stated that among the 21 European countries, it was second to last in terms of rail transport, 2,3 percent in cargo transport and 4,4 percent in cargo transport.

Source : http://www.ankarahaber.com

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