Turkish Transportation Sen's monorail system was not approved by the mayor Doğan Ürgüp

The monorail system brought to the agenda by the Turkish transport union for many years was not seen by the mayor Doğan Ürgüp. Urgup stated that it would be more profitable to buy bus instead of light rail system which would solve the problem between Cumhuriyet University and the city and reasoned that the system would be expensive. Türk Taşıma Sen, who ignores the permanence, aesthetic structure and fuel economy of the system, has to prove them again. The remaining are bureaucracy and political support.
One of the biggest problems experienced by the students of Cumhuriyet University was the lack of public transport buses and the fact that only some of the districts had direct expeditions to the university. In order to present a solution to this problem, the light rail system was put into operation between the university and the center.
The biggest support in this regard came from the Turkish Transport Union. Turkish Transportation You, all of the patterns of light rail vehicles produced for the first time in Turkey was removed and the series was made ready for production.
Neither the Republican administration nor the municipality took any steps for the monorail system, where bureaucratic and political support was needed for the realization of the system. Even though it has been brought on the agenda, the Turkish Transportation Sen's monorail system was not accepted.
On the contrary, while the system is expected to support Mayor Dogan Urgup, the light rail system between the university and the city is not suitable for this system and should be opened for discussion, he said.
Ürgüp said, “The rail system is not compatible with the realities of Sivas, so I respect the friends who defend this view. This is not appropriate. The number of passengers of the university is approximately 22 thousand. With an average boarding capacity of 22 thousand, it is not possible to run a rail system, where will you buy an expensive system and take it, all of which require feasibility.
But with 12 meters long buses, where a large number of passengers from where the number of these arteries are stored in the system, and fewer passengers with fewer vehicles will not be a profitability for the company's partners will be in question. It is a system where diesel and element costs are reduced. Bir
Urgup said it would be more profitable to buy new buses instead of the rail system. However, the light rail system is not suitable for Sivas. Not to benefit from such a development in the age of technology seems to interrupt the development of Sivas.
It is possible to implement the rail system in two ways. The rail system can be implemented by elevating from a certain distance from the ground or from the ground with concrete.
It is also seen in the works of the Turkish Transport Sen that the monorail system which does not harm the highway is very suitable for Sivas.
In addition, the monorail system is an aesthetically worthy study. Although it may seem expensive in the first place, it is a fact that the light rail system is permanent. The light rail system, which is stated to be saving fuel, should be opened up again and put on the agenda.
In this respect, it is expected that the institutions that should not undermine the project of Türk Ulaşım Sen will closely examine the project and leave a permanent service to Sivas.

Source : I www.sivastimes.co

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