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One of the most beautiful things I have seen since the first day I set foot here is the absence of traffic suffering - The people who say it means trànsit, because the word tràfic has a meaning like the drug traffic we use. - Especially, it is the least half of the life that we have lived in Istanbul for more than ten years. After hours, it means ...
The population of 3 with its tourists is as much as the town of Kikiköy, where there is no one-to-one life and offers a comfortable transportation to both the traveler and the traveler. How Does?
I think one of the successes of adapting the metro, which is one of the most important means of transportation in a metropolitan city, to the city. It is not only a line going in one direction as in Istanbul, but there are 5 lines where you can easily navigate the entire city and intersect each other at least in one point. If we add the train line to these, the number doubles because you can easily zip it from the subway to the train while making a transfer. Do you want to go somewhere, a restaurant, a museum, the seaside, the mountain hill ... you are looking at the map, which street-there are almost two streets of the same name, so it is much easier to find your way, the possibility of mixing is near zero-the nearest metro to the street You can find the station without difficulty. Imagine that you live in Maltepe, your soul wanted to go to Altunizade and watch the sunset. You are looking at the Hoop station, which is the station closest to the hill X, but it seems that you can transfer at Acimadem anyway, it is the stop of another line, it is not just through deadly overpasses, but at the bottom of the ground, you can pass from one to the other with jet speed and not more than 24.00 You are where you go every minute. It would be nice if the subway, which operates 02.00 on weekdays, XNUMX on Fridays and until the weekends, would be with us as such, right? But this seems to be a little longer with our skilled and intelligent managers who could not even make a line properly for years, or have gone through the ground from time to time, and see if we go over it and see what we do.
Metro case is not closed here, but I'm going to write further details in other titles here.
Let's come to the mode of transportation that I like the most, the easiest to use and the cheapest… Bicycle! Respect for man is known to be understood through pedestrian crossings, and I also think that there is an indication of the existence of bicycle paths. The roads are divided into three: roads of vehicles, buses and taxis, and bikes. There are also side roads where this does not happen - it is easier for a cyclist to go without trouble without trouble - but I consider it in terms of main roads and central transport. You can use these bike paths either with your own bicycle or with the bicycle service provided by the management through a private company, which is why I prefer the latter because I do not have my own bicycle. As a result of my application on the internet with my ID number, which I got after I came here, I paid my determined amount fee in the year-30 odd euro to 40- I got my magnetic BICING card in a week. Nevertheless, my freedom is also ... Because there are more common bicycle stations than the metro network - I looked at the site, 428-, almost every 500 meters right next to the bicycle roads on the main roads, in the alleys, squares, etc ... 5 minutes walking distance after leaving my house. I read my card to the panel at the station, pick the bike I chose, set my seat for myself and go my way in the direction I want to go straight.
- I can say that it was quite scary to get into the traffic at first but it is also a fact that I overcame this fear in an environment where very high traffic rules have been met. I deal with the problem. Sometimes I am not complaining about the services of the company that offers this service. Because I am faced with the absence of bicycles at the station, or being full, some bicycles are out of use, locked or renewed, but I find this service that I can use until 2 am still satisfactory. And I want this service to be widespread all over the world. It is common that the number of actions we have in our class such as piercing ozone, polluting the air we breathe, causing oil wars, raising traffic beasts… But this is a little difficult in Istanbul in Yeditepeli. Because nobody wants to climb, can not cross the bridge, nor can he measure up on the same road with crazy minibuses and bus drivers… But maybe it can be applied in other cities with less roughness and less population.
Istanbul's indispensable IETTs, buses are also here. Generally, those with short distances are used by the old residents of the city, while those with long distances are for those who miss the train or where there is no train station. Truth be told, I almost never use it during the day, but I started thinking that this might be a second alternative on hot days, because you can take a comfortable breath in the hot since they are all air conditioned. Apart from that, my favorite part of the buses is that the system they call NIT BUS starts at midnight and moves every twenty minutes until 6 in the morning.-I draw your attention because I know that I wait for buses for the night in Istanbul. No matter how late the night and how drunken you are, you will be able to return home after the party.
Apart from these, the tramway that supports transportation, the cable car that connects the sea, the train that I have never used, but the train and personal transportation that I have traveled several times thanks to my friend SEBO, and the skates, rollerblades, scooters and skateboards of Barcelona, part of everyday life. There is no such thing as DOLMUS and MINIBUS on it. : D As such, it becomes inevitable that the attractiveness of public transport vehicles will increase and reduce traffic and make everyone breathe. Let's say that those who are still looking for a solution to the chaos in Istanbul or who have used the metrobus suffering as a solution, have earrings.


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