Istanbul's Traffic Problem, Not Free Bridges, Free Public Transport Vehicles Solve

Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Marmara University Dr. Recep Bozlagan, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in the maintenance, repair work caused by the tragedy presented significant solutions to the traffic suffered.
Instead of the free bridge crossing, Bozlağan said that public transport should be free and public transport should be attractive.
Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Marmara University Dr. Recep Bozlağan, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in the traffic problem and the possible solutions were evaluated. University of the Faculty of Political Science, indicating that condemned to the transportation of land. Dr. Recep Bozlağan said, ası Around 1,5 million people between Anatolia and the European side are crossing. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are switching. There are two arteries when you want to switch over the highway. Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges. The Bosphorus 3 is a narrow bridge of 3 arrivals. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge consists of 8 ribbon. Istanbul is a very crowded city. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge was taken care of for technical reasons. On the side facing the south side of the bridge, the total 4 strip has been completed. But, until this maintenance was completed, Istanbul suffered a huge amount of traffic. The reason for the withdrawal of this traffic is that Istanbul has been largely convicted of road transport. There are no alternative routes. You will either use bridges or use the ferry system between Sirkeci and Harem. But the capacity of that system is certain.
Emphasizing that free public transport would be free of the problems of traffic instead of bridges, Prof. Dr. Dr. Bozlağan, oranında One of the bridges in the 2 lane traffic, the bridge capacity is reduced by a percentage of 25. For this reason, we need to reduce the demand of the people to bridge through their own private vehicles. We need to direct the public to public transport systems. IETT, Istanbul Bus Co., private public buses and metrobus carrying two passengers between the two should be made free of charge. For our citizens this will become a point of attraction. Bridges free of charge is a nice application for the citizens to take. However, the hours of the free app should be changed. 24 clock free app do not find the right. When you make the 24 clock-free app, it's already running at a capacity of one percent of the bridge at a low 25 rate. But when you made the bridge free, the demand for the bridge increased. Thus, the traffic congestion on the bridge is increasing. 8-10 consists of a meter-length tail. The damage to the national economy is extremely high. Fuel consumption is growing abnormally. Tools are getting worn out. People are being worn out psychologically. The bridges should be free during the 22.00 evening at 06.00 between 8 and 24 hours. This density will increase if you make the bridge free during times of heavy traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to direct the demand for the bridge out of busy hours. To solve the traffic problem should be free of public transport XNUMX hours, araç he said.
“SHIPPING SHOULD BE ATTRACTED TO BE ATTRACTIVE” Stating that it is necessary to emphasize sea transportation. Dr. Recep Bozlağan continued his words as follows: “Another network is sea transportation. It has a considerable share in daily public transportation. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people go between the two sides by sea transportation. Therefore, we need to make the sea route more attractive. You can make the sea network free of charge. IDO, city lines, engines can carry for free. In such extraordinary situations, the state will cover their economic loss. Because the state exists for this. We need to make the ferryboat trips from different piers. Formerly Kabataş There were ferry services between the pier and Harem. This has not been done in recent years. Whereas Kabataş a suitable scaffold for this. Therefore, they can be restarted. Since there is no proper infrastructure in Beylerbeyi, 10 can build a disassembled platform with dubas in this day, and can arrange a ferry with ferries and can easily download passengers. Another place is Baltalimanı. With these methods, how many vehicles can be pulled from the bridge. We need to move on to emergency management. This type of modification needs to be considered before the start of repairs. ““ 3. THE BRIDGE SHOULD BE MADE IN THE NORTHEST SECTION OF ISTANBUL iki That the two existing bridges in Istanbul were not enough and 3. Stating that the bridge must be done. Dr. Recep Bozlağan said, ün Sea transportation does not replace the bridge once. Because the bridge allows seamless transition. In terms of logistics transportation, the bridge is extremely series. When we look at the big cities in the world, for example, the population of London is about Istanbul. It consists of two sides in Istanbul, such as Istanbul. The river Tems is not like the rivers in us. It is a wide river. There are tens of bridges on this river. What makes Istanbul different from other big cities of the world is the extraordinary beauty of the Bosphorus. There is a historical beauty that needs to be protected. Therefore, we can not make a bridge anywhere we want. We need to examine the bridge with very fine studies. The two existing bridges cannot meet the needs of Istanbul. 3 to Istanbul. The bridge needs to be built. This bridge should be built in the northern part of Istanbul so that it can cause the least damage to the throat. In the northern part of the Bosphorus, there is very little and no historical monuments. Because the city is too far away, there is no risk of the bridge staying in the city in time. The bridges alone are not enough. It is absolutely necessary to make tunnel paths under the throat. Mut Ğ TRANSPORTATION IN ISTANBUL CAN BE PROVIDED THROUGH THE TELEPHONE metro Bozlağan also evaluated the city transportation in Istanbul and emphasized that the metro system can be preferred on the main routes due to the expensive system. Prof. Dr. Bozlağan used the following statements: kul The topography of the city you are building is very important. Topography of Istanbul is a topography which makes the metro structure difficult. London, which provides transportation by rail systems, is flat. There is almost no hilly area in the city. On the other hand, Tokyo, which is the long metro line, is generally flat. Therefore, the land of those cities is the land that facilitates the subway construction. But the topography of Istanbul makes subway construction difficult. Metro systems are also expensive. We are not as rich as England. Therefore, we can build subway construction on our main routes. Other than that, we need to make lines to feed the subway. These are partially rail systems that go underground and above. In addition, the ropeway system should be preferred in Istanbul. The topography of Istanbul is very suitable for the lift. Because the city consists of valleys and hills. You can combine the hills of Istanbul with the cable car. People prefer the lift a lot. Because there's a side of the cable car that pleases people.

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