Take both TIGEM and TÜVASAŞ!

I believe that politics is insincere and that it is a rent method that works only for its own. Power is something like this; Where is the opposition?
Our job is Sakarya! We know that the opposition in Sakarya does not go over concrete and wrong İŞ Projects. No İŞ has been asked for an account?
Gitti-gidecek.com.tr The example of Sangarius is there! On Izmit Street,
"It will end to 4-4,5 Trillion!" called; The Gima Underpass is in the middle, ending the social and commercial life on the street of hundreds of years, ending 8-9 trillion and still never ending: -)!
Sakarya's future is mortgaged with wrong İŞ''s, The city does not know its debt!
We bought the magnificent Beet Research Lands of the Sugar Factory in Summer from the Special Provincial Administration with trillions of money: -) We leased them to Ornamental Crops, including AKP MPs. Supposedly, the Contract was great. The surrounding villages would revive… Ask what happened to the contract Sakarya? How many villages have revived?
Is politics preparing the same fate for TİGEM? If you are silent, you are intolerant of everything Sakarya! Read the words of AKP Deputy Hasan Ali Çelik!
SATSO is the biggest formation I should trust for my City! For TIGEM, I emphasized the SATSO silence with embarrassment. Son, revising Project Tigem
I've description with goose bumps. Is there a scaffolding for the ruling approach?
"We are opening the railways to privatization!" he said, took out the broad beans from his mouth. TÜVASAŞ allem pen is going, TÜVASAŞ!
TÜVASAŞ on the counter, "The Most Clumsy!" there are no supposed trade unionists! Employees who carry them there are losing; those who will not lose are silent! Today the Political Opposition is also doomed to lose!
Do you understand now Sakarya; Why AKP Members of Parliament are looking for a place for TÜVASAŞ in Ferizli; He could not finish praising ROTEM: -) Haven't we warned for months?
The Political Opposition is to read the headlines of the newspaper and create an agenda with a few feeble statements, and to go into conversation with village coffees; The vision is over.
Uzunçarşı trades now say pes!
Even SATSO cannot ponder the reality of Adapazarı's Uzun Çarşı. There are also those who cannot find a place to put their daily earnings in Uzun Çarşı, and those who close their shops and go to their house without doing it!
So, what does that mean? Should Uzunçarşı not win an excellent historical bazaar image with a new and contemporary project?
This is not an issue to be passed on with cheap demagogies! The shopkeepers of this city made their own street and bazaars after the earthquake with their own money.
From Bulvar to İtfaiye Caddesi; From Ziraat Bank to Çark Caddesi; How many times and what money did the shopkeepers pour into the streets? Tradesmen poured money for Uzun Çarşı as well… Municipalities said, "I built all your bazaars after the earthquake! said.
How much money has been collected from the tradesmen while the sidewalks on both sides of Atatürk Boulevard were being built? Municipalities collected the parcel of the result! This is the problem in Uzun Çarşı!
The municipalities should never make a fuss, as if they were going to make the History Uzun Çarşı Project. Kimi Uzunçarşı tradesman as if he is denied obstacles: -) Do not create such a weather!
No such charity work! Adapazarı Tradesmen were seated in the lap of shopping malls! Even a very good project, only one third of Uzun Çarşı tradesmen would be revived. Few of them stand still. Those who return home without bread are destroyed. How can this problem be overcome?
The winners from BUSINESS and Politics will bear the majority of the project cost!

Source : I www.sakaryayenihaber.co



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