Prime Minister Erdogan, Eskisehir Province Congress about High-Speed ​​Train Projects

Reminding that the Eskisehir-Ankara high speed train project was put into service in 2009, Erdogan said that 6 million 100 thousand people traveled on this line by high speed train (YHT) so far.
Expressing that the Eskişehir-Istanbul YHT project has come to an end, Erdoğan stressed that Eskişehir will also be connected to Bursa, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum, kars and İzmir.
Erdogan stated that Eskişehir people decided to build the most authentic YHT station in Europe, where the station will be built, and that the new station will be installed in the area where the old station is located, without destroying the historical structure. He said he would not stay.


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