Tcdd was given burned oil instead of heating oil

TCDD Malatya 5. 2011 people were arrested in the 16 March 2012 operation last 19 people were arrested. was released.

Detained defendants; Tamer S. (33), Cihan T. (5), Eşder S. (47), Abdullah Y. (36), Mehmet Nail Y. (46), Mustafa S. (64) working in TCDD 35th Regional Material Directorate. ), Metin A. (39), Deputy Head of Department Mehmet Ş. (51), Metin B. (42), Emrah Koray B. (25), Osman E. (49), Tuncay Y. (36), Emrah K. (33), Enver P. (55), Sadık S. (25), CET (46), Mahmut Ö. (55), Çetin B. (37), Ahmet Veysel E. (38) and M. Emin K. (48), who was tried without arrest within the scope of the case, Mücahit Ş. (38), Metin D. (32), Mehmet Y. (53), Rufai G. (31), Erdin Ö. (53), Tamer O. (36), Cengiz T. (42), Mevlut A. (28), Hasip B. (41), Mehmet Arif S. (42), Bayram D. (34), Güler Ö. (43), Mahmut Y. (46), with the allegations of "Misconduct in the tender, establishing an organization, knowingly helping the organization, taking and giving bribes, committing corruption to the performance of the act, violation of confidentiality, establishing an organization to commit a crime" A lawsuit was filed at the Criminal Court.

In the indictment, TCDD Malatya 5. Regional Directorate of 2011 contracts made in the year of the XNUMX procurement tenders, so that the bazaar miscarriage of misuse of information as a result of the evaluation of intelligence, Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Department of the Police Department started the study said.
In the indictment, which alleged that the suspects formed a monopoly in the tenders of TCDD 5th Regional Directorate, it is alleged that other companies that wanted to enter the tender were given money, which is called 'out', and they were turned away.


In the indictment, it was noted that it was determined that the crime organization gave fuel no. 5 to TCDD 6th Regional Directorate, as fuel no.4, and it was stated that an invoice was obtained in return for a commission as if it brought fuel no.6. In order not to determine the fuel number 4, it is stated that it was also determined that the fuel number 6, which was put in the secret compartment of the tanker, was given as a sample.

In the indictment, which stated that the suspects were followed step by step by the KOM Branch teams, it is stated how the waste oils were given to TCDD 5th Regional Directorate as fuel number 4: “KK, whose declaration was received in the capacity of giving information, said Ö. He is the owner of a workplace named Chemistry, that he produces molded oil from oil, which is called as waste oil, that he sells it to construction companies, that the suspect Yasin, Tamer, Mustafa S. are his friends, from time to time they have taken waste oil from him 3-4 times, the weight of the waste oil. He stated that he sold at prices between 0,8-1,2 TL, that the individuals bought 11 tons of waste oil at a time, 18 tons of waste oil at a time, and that he did not remember how much other sales were, between Yasin and K. on 18.03.2011 at 17.33. In the speech, the suspect Yasin asked K. for waste oil, negotiated the price, agreed for 150 TL, the suspect Yasin S. filled the oil they bought from KK in the tanker plate 34 AZ 3580, KOM Branch Directorate of the same vehicle. He went to the TCDD 2th Regional Directorate in the physical pursuit of the Malatya 5nd Criminal Court of Peace and the suspect Mücahit Ş. and Mustafa S., before they put clean fuel, took the samples from the compartment, then took the samples to TCDD 5th Regional Directorate, after that the officer Abdullah Y. (Municipality official) came to the tanker, the suspect CET, who was a TCDD officer, ' did not come to the tanker in any way, Yasin S. later called K. but could not buy because there was not enough waste oil in K., similarly from the meeting with K. on 25.05.2011 They negotiated oil… ”In the indictment, it was stated that they were given burnt oil to TCDD 5th Regional Directorate instead of heating fuel,“ While they were supposed to deliver heating oil, which is called as fuel-oil 4, the other they take the fuels to TCDD 4th Regional Directorate, to arrange a prostitute for C: ET, who is responsible for taking samples from these fuels, and an undetectable interest They are allegedly alleged that they misbehaved in the execution of the act by giving them the samples of clean fuel they sometimes brought, and sometimes the samples of clean fuel they bought outside the marked place.

Criminal organization, fuel oil 4 fuel oil for the purpose of showing the fake invoices to give as the front of the bidding, the tenders are offered by the criminal organization and TCDD officials to the members of the criminal organization before and after the tender is expressed.

In the indictment, it is also suggested that the company is connected to the contracting company in order to give the tender by dividing the tenders in such a way that they remain below the missing value, and by making them procured directly. Again, the indictment, the delivery of goods without delivery is also stated.

Mehmet N. and Cihan T., who were in charge of the tender commission at TCDD 5th Regional Directorate, excluded the tender from some companies participating in the tender, citing the missing documents, but they had the deficiencies of the criminal gang company completed 5 days after the tender, thus belonging to the crime gang who should not participate in the tender. It is stated that they ignored the shortcomings of the company and put them into the tender and possibly made the tender stay in the company belonging to the crime gang, as they had previously stated, and the criminal gang took the officers from the TCDD Tender Commission to a picnic trip before the tender.


The indictment also includes the following: “During the meetings between the fugitive suspect Yasin and the suspect CET, who was in charge of taking samples at TCDD, in the sampling of the non-fuel oil fuels number 4 that T. had brought from Yasin S. In order to satisfy C.E, who wanted a prostitute in order to have sexual intercourse in response to the crime of mischief and who helped accept the inadequately qualified fuels that Yasin and Mustafa S. had also taken, who were in Ankara and Istanbul and were engaged in the business of female recruitment. They had interviews with individuals but could not bring prostitutes to Malatya, CE XNUMX requested female adjustments from Malatya when they conveyed the matter to CE… ”Physical follow-up photos were included in the file regarding the issue of asking for a prostitute.


Again, the indictment is 1 DD…, which allegedly brought fuel no.2011 to TCDD 5th Regional Directorate on June 4, 34. In the examination made by police teams in the plate tanker, it was noted that there were 2 different sections in the tanker, the piston that opened and closed the secret compartment in the tanker by operating with air and the mechanism of this piston was detected.

In the indictment, TCDD Malatya 5. All irregularities related to the tenders in the Regional Directorate are transmitted with details. TCDD due to the tender of millions of pounds have been determined that the loss of the expert report was recorded.

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