TCDD: 'The casualty did not leave the stroller'

TCDD, the victim, despite the warnings of the staff in between the train door insisted not to leave the baby carriage and the balance of the balance between the two wagons, lost their lives lost by falling, he said.
According to the testimony of TCDD, the incident that took place at Feneryolu Station on Wednesday, July 11, has evolved as follows, according to the testimonies of eyewitnesses and staff working at the station:
“The incident is that when the victim is about to move, the baby puts his baby on the train, the stroller is left outside, the stroller is sitting on the arm of the stroller outside the door, losing his balance and crashing into the train wall, running with the train in motion. is that he fell into void and lost his life. In the incident, it was reassured that Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı tried to get on the train during the closing of the train doors, the stroller arm was trapped on the door, and the system did not detect the trapped object. ”
According to the standards of the International Railways Union, when an object with an 3 to 6 cm size is jammed in the doorway, it is emphasized that automatic receivers do not detect this object. Despite the warning by security personnel on the platform warned that the victim insists not to leave the arm of the carriage, said the statement, said:
“An administrative and judicial investigation has been launched on the subject. Professor Sıdık Yarman, Prof. Mustafa Ilıcalı, Prof. Tuncer Toprak and Prof. The Science Committee, composed of İlhan Kocaarslan, made a technical examination of the incident. In the technical examination, the Scientific Committee;
The platform at the 1-Feneryolu station was found to be in accordance with the 18.07.2007 date and 36822 orders.
2-E 14074-type suburban series participating in the accident was determined to be suitable according to the UIC 501-1 construction range.
3-The dimensions mentioned above are the measurements used in the enterprises which provide load and passenger management (mixed operation).
4-The mentioned automatic door system has been modernized according to TSE EN 14752 standards.
In addition, our Institution requested an expert from Istanbul Technical University to investigate the accident in question.

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