TCDD Negligence That Caused Ebru's Death

Relatives of Ebru Gültekin, who lost his life because of falling into the space between Peron and the wagon, say the incident is a negligence line
Ebru Gültekin, one of the translators of the Films of Workers' Film Festival, died on Wednesday, July 12, due to a negligence by TCDD. Gültekin, the train to the perona, her son, the door of the Aegean carts placed in the carriage, the train closes the train, the wagon fell into the space between the platform and died. During the event there was a conductor checking what doors were closed and what signal was working.
"We will not allow to ignore the crime committed"
Ebru Gültekin in the commemoration of the event to be shown as an tal accident yönlendir, friends, fate, and Gültekin panic or commented on the comments that the balance of the balance, den In fact, to ignore the crime committed and directed to point out responses to other points from the main responsibility to discourage the dissemination of a discourse aimed at spreading " said.
Neglect line
Aslı Takanay, one of Gültekin's friends and volunteer of the Workers Film Festival, said that this incident was a public murder committed as a result of a negligence sequence, while the new and safer trains brought for the Marmaray Project were held in Edirne and Haydarpaşa, even the doors did not close properly. He emphasized that he is still the Minister of Transport and the director of State Railways, who is still considering the transportation of passengers by annual trains.
Although Takanay knows that the existing railways are used by both freight trains and intercity express passenger trains and are not suitable for old-type suburban trains, those responsible for handling all of the same trains know that the distance between the wagon and platform should not exceed 5 cm, but 20 to 40 He criticized ignoring the distance between the wagon-peron changing between centimeters. Takanay pointed out that the Minister of Transport and Director of State Railways didn't care about human life to a minimum.
"About destroying the concept of responsibility"
Takanay said that the event was related to the widespread use of privatization and subcontracting and therefore the destruction of the concept of responsibility. both are missing and the staff are being employed, hem he said.
If Ebru were alive, he wouldn't have done anything else.
Takanay finally said, “If our Ebru is alive and we witness that someone's life has been taken away in this way, the Minister of Transport and the Director of State Railways, who have been neglected in this incident, have been dismissed, He announces that we will be the follower of this case until he is punished, demanding the necessary measures to be taken immediately in order not to experience similar casualties and we invite you to be in solidarity with us in this process ”.
Ebru Gültekin's sister announced that they will file a case against the incident and said he expects support.
On the other hand, BTS workers refuse to use the old suburbs which are not suitable for railways. Non-union workers continue to use old trains.

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