Partition Kabataş Funicular Failed


📩 25/02/2023 22:17

Do not say that it will not happen, this has also happened! improvisation Kabataş When the funicular malfunction on the line, the passengers passed the tunnel by walking 'single row'.

The funicular, which has been the subject of complaints many times before due to its malfunctions, non-working doors and various troubles, this time became the hero of an event that does not look like a thriller. Taksim-Kabataş Citizens traveling in the funicular traveling between had to walk through the tunnel. Taksim KabataşMoving to, the vehicle broke down at around 14.00 p.m. when it was halfway through the tunnel. After waiting for about 10 minutes in the funicular, the doors were opened and they were asked to go out. Meanwhile, in the announcement made from the station center, it was announced that a technical failure occurred by asking not to panic. 40 passengers in the middle of the tunnel in a confused state, Taksim-Kabataş He walked through the tunnel in a single file. It was observed that the passengers, including tourists, were quite uneasy. In particular, it was seen that the faces of the tourists had expressions of fear mixed with surprise.

One of the citizens who reacted to the incident, “If I thought for forty years, Taksim- Kabataş I wouldn't think I would walk through the tunnel. We were infamous for the tourists. ” Another passenger who says that he uses the funicular every day is, “It is not fun to walk the big tunnel in hot weather. Problems do not end in public transportation of Istanbul. Today the funicular malfunctions, and tomorrow the metrobus remains on the road. We no longer consider ourselves lucky because we live in Istanbul. ”

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