Sculpture Garage tram line will be finished in 10 month

Mayor Altepe stated that the route of Heykel Garaj tram line, namely Stadyum Caddesi- Altıparmak Caddesi- Atatürk Caddesi- Heykel- İnönü Caddesi-Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi- Kent Square- Darmstad Street route is a problematic area in terms of traffic density, completed the works in a short time and gave more to the citizens and drivers. He emphasized that there will be no trouble. Reminding that they have done all the necessary work in advance to complete the project with a contract term of 1 year in less than 10 months, President Altepe said, “We had already ordered the rails and the necessary technical materials. The rails are coming next week, and we will hit the first dig in 10 days. Because, for example, when we enter Altıparmak Caddesi, we should lay the rails immediately and leave before 40 days. "It is out of question to block the road during the study," he said.
Noting that it is not possible to expand the streets through which the line passes, the streets used by the city with a population of 150 thousand in the past were insufficient for 2 million people today, Mayor Altepe said that the solution with rubber wheeled vehicles is impossible. Stating that the tram carries about 250 people and that the tram corresponds to 2 vehicles carrying 100 people, Mayor Altepe said, “In other words, entering a tram on that street means 100 vehicles move away from that street. "All the modern cities of Europe have solved transportation in this way."

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