RAYDER Magazine, the first and only television project in the Rail Sector in Turkey

As the Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists Association, we focus on the strategic communication activities that will keep the pulse of our sector within the scope of the 2012-2014 period. Within the scope of these studies, we have prepared a publication project based on the principle that information is the most important value.
Our journal, which will be published in the scope of this project and will carry the same name as RAYDER, is planned to be published once a month in 2 and each number will be the average 80-100 page. A summary of important news or interviews will be published in English, or the subject will be provided in English.
Said magazine, the first and the rail systems in Turkey will be broadcast as a single moment.
In the content of RAYDER Journal, news, articles, research and research related to the main topics listed below, etc. texts will be included:
Recent developments in rail transport systems and technologies in the international arena,
Innovations recorded in the national and international context in the field of production,
Latest developments, current news and tenders on international rail transportation,
The main producers of the vehicle, sub-industry, rail system construction infrastructure, automation, etc. in the field of organizations and organizations operating in the national level of production, operation and service dimensions and related news,
Presentation of current international standards related to rail transport sector, follow up of updates and related developments,
Multidimensional effects of rail transport technologies on human health and environment,
National and international economic dimension of rail transportation sector, value added to economy, its place in urban and transportation economy,
Promotion and guidance of trainers in the rail transport sector, and strategies for training experts and intermediate staff.
RAYDER Magazine, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, representatives of the relevant ministries in the sector, MPs, representatives of the business world producing rail transportation systems, the chairmen and managers of the relevant non-governmental organizations, the board members of the leading industrial organizations of our country, will be delivered to the heads of the working institutions, national and local press representatives.
We would like to know that we will be proud to spread and share all your announcements and advertisements in RAYDER Magazine.

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