Demiryolcuyuz Association Life and Railroad Photography Contest

Life and Railway
To share the current developments in our country's railways and railways with the public through the art of photography.
Using the rules proposed by the art of photography, our railroad culture and the future generations of our country's railways are conveyed by the photographers.
The competition is organized by the “Demiryolcuyuz Association” with the support of “Ankara Demirspor Club”.
The competition is open to all amateur and professional photographers, except for the members of the Selection Committee, the Competition Secretariat, the Club and Association Board Members and their first degree relatives.
Each contestant can participate in the competition with up to five photographs.
Only colored digital (digital) photos can be added to the contest.
The competition is in a color numeric category.
Corrections such as color, contrast and density can be made in photos. Applications that change the essence of the photo and collage will not be accepted.
Photographs should be taken within the railway network of our country and have not received any awards, honorable mention and exhibition in any competition. The award-winning photos cannot rejoin the frame.
Urban rail system photographs (metro, tram, etc.) will not be accepted.
Photos will be saved to the CD in JPG format as 2500 bit RGB, 8 DPI, the highest compression ratio (300) with a short edge of at least 12 pixels. If there is no original RAW file, the original JPG file will be in RAW or JPG file.
Applications without a CD will not be evaluated.
A nickname consisting of a letter and five numbers will be written on the CD on which the photographs are recorded (example: A12345), and each photograph on the CD will be given a sequence number along with the nickname (eg A12345 - 1, A12345 - 2,…).
The contestant will fill in the registration form and put it in an envelope with the CD containing the photographs, and will write only the nickname on the envelope.
The photos will be delivered by hand or by post / cargo until 17.00:XNUMX on the last date of participation in the contest secretariat. Any delays in cargo will not be accepted.
The participant accepts, declares and undertakes that the photograph he/she sends to the competition is entirely his/her own and that all permissions have been obtained. The awards, titles and all kinds of awards obtained from the participants who are understood to have acted outside of these declarations and acceptances. kazanare taken back. If a photograph that does not comply with the specification is detected after the competition, its degree and award will be withdrawn. There is no obligation to choose another photo instead. In this case, the contest will not be cancelled.
A hundred photos to be selected by the jury members for the award, honorable mention and exhibition will be taken to the archive of the Ankara Demirspor Club and the Demiryolcuyuz Association.
Photographs can be used in all kinds of promotional materials to be prepared by the club and the association, by specifying the name and surname of the photographer on the internet. All copyright and usage rights of the work belong to the club and association mentioned above.
Demiryolcuyuz Association and Ankara Demirspor Club can transfer the rights of use of a hundred photographs selected for award, honorable mention and exhibition only to the General Directorate of TCDD with a protocol to be issued. The author also grants that he has given permission to Ankara Demirspor Club and Demiryolcuyuz Association for the transfer of the above-mentioned usage rights, he will not take back the permission he has given, and if his photograph is included in the promotional material to be prepared by another institution or organization and on the internet, It accepts and undertakes that it will not demand copyright or material - moral compensation.
The CDs sent for the competition will not be returned and the CDs containing the digital recordings outside the award and exhibition photographs will be destroyed by a report prepared under the supervision of the jury members.
All competitors are deemed to have accepted the conditions of the competition and the decisions of the Selection Committee without exception.
The photos will be delivered to the contest secretariat by hand or by post / cargo until August 23, 2012, at the address of “Yenidogan Mahallesi Fabrika Caddesi No: 8 / A SAKARYA”. The works reached after 23:2012 on 17.00 August XNUMX will not be evaluated.
The Selection Committee meeting will be held on August 27, 2012 at the TCDD General Directorate building in Ankara.
The results will be announced on 29 August 2012, Ankara Demirspor Club and Demiryolcuyuz Association websites.
Information about the time and place of the award ceremony will be announced separately from Ankara Demirspor Club and Demiryolcuyuz Association websites.
- Erhan KÖLÜK (Photographer)
- Mustafa NAZLI (Representative of the Railway Association)
- Fatih GÜRSEL (Photographer)
- Mustafa ERDOĞAN (Photographer)
- İsmail OKUR (Photographer)
The Selection Committee meets with the participation of at least three members.
First: ¨ 3000 + Certificate
Second: ¨ 2000 + Certificate
Third: ¨ 1000 + Certificate
Honorable Mention: ¨ 300 (10 pieces) + Certificate
Display: ¨ 50 (87 pieces) + Certificate
Name of Officer: Mustafa ULUSOY
GSM: 0 532 571 31 99
E-mail Address:
Name of Officer: Ali MERİÇ
GSM: 0 505 526 18 11
E-mail Address:
Postal Address: Yenidoğan Quarter Factory Street No: 8 / A SAKARYA
Phone: 0 264 271 52 02
Yenidogan Neighborhood Factory Street No: 8 / A SAKARYA


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