PKK terrorists raid cargo train

PKK terrorists from Bitlis, Tatvan district of Elazig 53 thousand 15 to the freight train, the village of Palu, Akbulut, organized a mined attack near the village.
According to the Elazığ Governor's Office, the 36 wagon freight train from Tatvan District of Bitlis to Elazığ was attacked by remote-controlled miners of PKK terrorists near the village of Akbulut at the time of 15.45.
The 5 railcar was derailed as a result of explosion of a mine in the middle of the rails, and damage occurred in the 20-meter section of the rails.
4'un armed trainers with 7 crew members killed or injured in the freight train, TCDD'deki rescue machines started work in the region.
The operation was launched in the region in order to neutralize the PKK members who organized a mined attack on the freight train.

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