Pınarbaşı Cable Car Line is Rotting

Pınarbaşı-Aytepe cable car line, which was constructed and commissioned by İlhami ORTEKİN who was the mayor of last term, was left to rot.

Aydın municipality has invested millions of money in its own resources and made an investment for the people of Aydın. neglect, indifference and insensitive service.

PINARBAŞI - AYTEPE ropeway line planned to be used for the purpose of increasing the interest and publicity of the people of Aydın to the promenade areas. Aydın Mayor Özlem Ç. by his election had been abandoned to his fate. Aydın is uncomfortable with the local media's frequent agenda and the Mayor Özlem Ç. PINARBAŞI - AYTEPE for the short last summer, the ropeway had opened the service line had forgotten reactions. As the cable car line was not operated for a long time and maintenance and repairs were done during the time, the cable car line, which we learned was outside the scope of the ganrant, created separate material damage to Aydın Municipality.

Aydın Municipality mayor of Aydın Municipality has decided to use the başlat own resources değerlendiril of Aydın Municipality in the previous periods and it is a real AYDİNİNSESİ.COM. We wrote down the ropeway. We do not add comments to ourselves today to show the situation of the appreciation of the people of Aydin to leave the appreciation of the appropriate, our goal is to show the people of Aydın 's "resources" today to the people of Aydın. Comments and appreciation belong to Aydın people.

Source: The Voice of Aydin

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