Mirror, whistle, radio!

KadıköyIn the investigation opened after the mother, who was under the train, the clerk showed: The machinist did not look in the mirror, the conductor did not whistle and warned, there was no radio of security.
Did mother and son neglect? The eyes on the death of the academic Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı, who fell between the car and the platform after the stroller got stuck on the door and the train started to move after he took his son Efe (11) on the train at Feneryolu train station on July 4, was turned into a judicial and administrative investigation. Kadıköy The Chief Public Prosecutor's Office launched an administrative investigation in the TCDD.
- In the TCDD review, it was stated that the dimensions, doors and technical specifications between the station and the wagon were in accordance with the standards according to the expert report.
- According to the first determinations, it was observed that the accident, the machinist, the conductor and the security guard did not act according to the regulation.
- The machinist had to look in the mirror until the last wagon of the train left the station. If he did, he would see that the woman was holding the stroller and trying to go after the train and stopped the train without speeding up.
- In case of negativity, the conductor should warn the machinist by whistling. The train stopped when passengers pulled the 'emergency brake'.
- The security guard at the station shouted at the woman who continued to grab the stroller, 'quit the car'. The woman thought fainted too. The disaster could have been prevented if the security guard had whistled and warned the mechanic.
- There was no radio in security. If it were a radio, it could alert the security center.
TCDD's Prof. Sıdık Yarman, Prof. Mustafa Ilıcalı, Prof. Tuncer Toprak and Prof. As a result of the examination made by the Scientific Committee consisting of İlhan Kocaarslan, it was determined that there was no technical defect.
After the death of academician Ilıcalı, mechanic Abdullah Ç. with the conductor Süleyman Uğur Ö. He was referred to the court for the request of arrest for the crime of “causing death by negligence”. The two were released by the court to be tried without arrest.

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