Good news from MHP Isparta Deputy Nevzat Korkmaz to Isparta and Burdur

MHP Isparta deputy Nevzat Korkmaz, Isparta and Burdur public trainings under the conditions of passenger train intense, Isparta-Burdur passenger train will start again by giving the good news of the high-speed train to be launched as soon as possible.
Nevzat Korkmaz, in his speech at the Parliament, emphasizing that the road means civilization 4 2004 3 3 from the dates of our provinces, said the train was canceled. The first of these flights is Isparta-Burdur expedition, 2008 on March 24 Isparta-Burdur-Izmir Lakes Region Express and 2008 July XNUMX on the Burdur-Isparta-Istanbul Pamukkale Express trains were canceled.
Underlining that the cancellation of these train services caused the victim of the region's people, Korkmaz said un these flights are not an alternative to high-speed trains Bu. Korkmaz, 50 bin in Isparta, Burdur, 30 thousand students living in the university said, "the error of the abolition of the passenger train can never be these people," he said.
Burdur-Isparta trains in order to restart the two cities gathered in the 22 thousand signatures of the delegation, including Burdur Deputy Ramazan Kerim Ozkan, the Ministry of Transport, Isparta-Burdur said that they take the good news of the re-launch of train services.
Korkmaz, the Ministry of Transport, which has shown interest in this issue, thanked the authorities and expressed their gratitude to all the citizens who were sensitive about the issue.



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