Metrobus stuck on the road ... Metrobus took life ... Metrobus is like this, metrobus is like this, what is this metrobus

Lower metrobus, upper metrobus ...
Metrobus stayed on the way ...
Metrobus took lives ...
Metrobus is like this, metrobus is like this ...
What is this metrobus business?
Sahi who gave this name to that long bus?
I wanted to write the story of this name that we have heard frequently in recent years.
Although it doesn't help the failures of the metrobus,
I thought if you wanted to know the output story of this name that doesn't fall from languages.
In the name of blogs opened,
Having pages on Facebook,
Limoni described the stories of the kinds in the dictionaries,
In which fantasies are built,
Almost uneventful days,
Facilitating the transportation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality,
Where does the name of the BRT come from to ensure that people travel cheaply and comfortably?
What was this name written about?
And what did it mean?
Did he have any father?
Year 2006,
Istanbullular does not know what metrobus,
Ankara's cold February freezes people.
It's Thursday,
One day later,
In other words, we are preparing the newspaper for Friday, February 17. SABAH It has only been three months since Ankara started broadcasting.
The team that works like a bee.
I will play the headline with Eylem and Melih.
Our correspondent Nevruz Tol,
He put the news that Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek will go to the Netherlands to buy 225 super luxury buses with 50 passenger capacity.
But no photos.
We talked to the president ...
He sent the vehicle's catalog.
We looked at the photo ...
A long bus without a bed.
But he can go the special way.
Its original name is APTS.
The word is foreign and its pronunciation is difficult ...
The vehicle will work between Esenboga-Ulus.
Gökçek says revolution for public transportation ...
Our title should fill both nine columns, and it should sound nice.
The bus is long,
Like subway cars ...
It's Laz intelligence.
I just combined the metro and the bus ...
And from my mouth,
The word "Metrobus" appeared ...
I said write to Melih.
9 was the headline column that news.
I put Gökçek's photograph with his hand in the air next to the bus.
And underneath,
I wrote that "These buses will be talked about a lot" ...
What I said turned out ...
Metrobuses are spoken too.
He had a name.
They did not say words fly, writing remains for nothing.
We have a document like a door ...
I'm looking now ...
Free encyclopedia There is no such detail in Wikipedia…
Moreover, gentlemen who took our expressions to them ...
So they disgrace ...
If they treat every issue in such a cursory manner ...
I am the name father of the 'metrobus' that millions of people do not let go of.
This doesn't help me.
But you just know.

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