Disabled elevator of Merinos Metro Station became unusable after being hit by a vehicle

The vehicle, which hit the barriers due to excessive speed in Bursa, stopped after rolling over repeatedly. 4 people in the scrapped vehicle survived the accident slightly injured.
The accident occurred in the central Osmangazi district Merinos Junction around 01.20. According to the information obtained, E.Ö. (16) lost steering control under the influence of excessive speed. The car that hit the railings on the roadside started to roll over. The vehicle, which hit the disabled elevator of Merinos Metro Station, was able to stop after hitting the advertisement board and rolling over several times. Citizens who saw the vehicle that became unrecognizable wanted to intervene the injured. From the injured BC (83) even survived the accident without bleeding, while the driver E.Ö. and MK (27) and N.Ö. (28) removed by those who came to help.
112 Emergency Service teams at the scene of the first intervention on the side of the wounded people learned that the situation was good, an investigation was launched against the accident.

Source : I www.haberler.co



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