The underpass of Mecidiyeköy Metrobus station will be closed at 06.00:15 tomorrow morning for XNUMX days.

The underpass, which provides access to the Mecidiyeköy Metrobus station in Istanbul, will be closed for 15 days from tomorrow morning.
In a written statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it was announced that the underpass that provides access to the Mecidiyeköy Metrobus station will be closed for 15 days from tomorrow morning due to the platform expansion works.
In the explanation, he said:
In Mecidiyeköy Metrobus station, one of the busiest stations of the metrobus line, the underpass, one of the two existing access roads, will be closed for 31.07.2012 days starting from 06.00 in the morning on Tuesday, 15, in order to expand the platform area, install escalators and elevators and reach the Ramadan Feast.
During this time, passengers; Metrobüs access to Mecidiyeköy station will be provided by the 100 m next pedestrian overpass.
The width of the pedestrian overpass ladders was doubled to avoid problems with access to the station.
Pedestrian crossings will be uninterrupted.
- With this study, the width of the pedestrian platform of the Metrobus station, which is currently 5 meters, will be increased to 8 meters.
- Within the scope of the project, integration will be provided between the new 8-meter-wide pedestrian underpass to be built under the existing underpass and the Transfer Center-Metrobus Station-Metro Station.
- In addition, crossings, which are a problem for pedestrians due to the Mecidiyeköy Viaduct and vehicle roads, will be uninterrupted.
- There will also be an elevator for disabled citizens at the pedestrian underpass.
- Except for the pedestrian ladder, which is currently 4 meters, to meet the intense pedestrian demand at Mecidiyeköy Metrobus Station; There will be 2 escalators, one for the descent and one for the ascent.
- Between the Metrobus Station and the Metro Connection underpass, both an elevator will serve and 2 more escalators will be placed and there will be fixed stairs. There will also be escalators at all important exits of the underpass.
- Under the existing pedestrian underpass, towards the Mecidiyeköy Metro Station, the 8-meter-wide underpass connection will increase pedestrian comfort with moving bands and meet the high demand.

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