Light rail system must be built in Manisa

Answering the question of whether journalists can contribute to OSB in the field of ropeway, Türek said, konusunda Of course it is a very nice project. Topics such as ropeway and culture centers are a subject that should be on the agenda of Mayors. We respect him. At the same time, they are on their agenda and we have a part about public transportation which is closely related to us. I hope we can make a breakthrough with Cengiz Bey; We will be able to pioneer a light rail system to eliminate bus-minibus traffic between Manisa and the Organized Industrial Zone, we will talk about them. Man
Light rail inevitable
Mayor Cengiz Ergün stated that the light rail system between Manisa and OSB is among the sine qua non, and said, ı Does 2 come to the agenda during the annual period or it does not come from this work. Of course, feasibility points need to be examined. But when the metropolitan area is covered, it is definitely one of the inevitable facts that a light rail system in Manisa is now being built. We started some work on this. We will share this with the public when the reports about them are in front of us. Onlar

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