Manisa Governor Daşöz Investigates Manisa Akhisar Railway Works

Manisa Governor Halil İbrahim Daşöz, TCDD 3. Regional Directorate of Manisa Karaağaçlı in the town of railway line renovation and development work TCDD 3. Regional Director Sebahattin Eris and examined on-site.
Stating that the work done by TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate between Manisa and Akhisar was a huge investment and that existing lines were renewed and developed, Governor Daşöz said: “İzmir, Manisa, Akhisar, Balıkesir, Bandırma line are all around 340 kilometers. Our location is 52 kilometers of Manisa-Akhisar line. All railways and sleepers are being replaced. The machine removes existing railways and sleepers with computer control and automatically. It will be much stronger, durable and longer in length. There was a gap in every 72 meters in the old lines, in this system there will be a gap in 500 meters. It will bring enormous advantages in freight transport and will enable faster movement. 120 kilometers of transportation will be possible. It will also be integrated into the high speed train in the future. ”
State has given great importance to the railway, the first railway in Turkey have been founded in this region until the Governor Dasos, "Manisa is located in a very important point. Works are also carried out on the Menemen, Aliağa and Bergama lines. It is not difficult to predict that this region will be a golden region in terms of investment and logistics when Çandarlı Port ends and port connections are also established with railways. ”
TCDD 3. Regional Manager Sebahattin Eriş said that the total investment value, excluding high-speed train, will reach 700 million TL within the provincial borders of Manisa, and some investments will be made by foreign consortia.
Eriş said, “All lines will be electrified and signaled within the provincial borders of Manisa. There will no longer be a dispatcher at those stations. The entire line is made with computerized and automatic machines. It will be finished in mid-September. We travel 720 meters a day. We work 5 hours to avoid train traffic disruption. At the end of 5 hours, all trains can pass from where the work is done at a speed of 50 kilometers. ”
On the railway between Manisa and Akhisar
13 engineers and technical personnel, around 30 operator, 70 road construction worker and walking construction site, 6 thousand 344 tons rail, 60 thousand pieces traverse, 84 thousand cubic meters of granite basalt stone 60 machine, 30 locomotive, 3 is reported to work with wagon around.

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