London meets the cable car

📩 24/11/2018 09:14

The people of London, who have been suffering from public transport in recent years due to crowds, are waiting for a tough month.

London is home to the 2012 Summer Olympics.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, during the Olympics and he and the ministers will use public transport, such as everyone said.

Authorities called on Londoners to act precisely and not to drive unless necessary;

'' London's transport network has limited number of vehicles. We do our best to inform our people about the change of road networks. Do you really need to use your personal car when you go to the city center? we try to ensure that they think that the organization throughout the organization to be in trouble. ''

One of the works carried out to facilitate access is the cable car line which Emirates Air Line contributed to 36 million pounds.

The one-time fee of the line, which was established on the River Thames and opened by Mayor Boris Johnson yesterday, is twice as much as a bus ticket.

The new ropeways can carry 2500 passengers per hour and every 30 will deliver one passenger per second to the sports complex where the games will be played.

euronews reporter reports from London;
'' A new one has been added to the places where the London skyline can be seen from the top. It's great to watch the city from a height of 90 meters, but time will make its contribution to London transport.


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