Karsan will produce 250 18 meter bus to be used in IETT Metrobus line

In the last period, KARSAN has taken the taxi project of the future, which it puts weight on, to the bus production. The total value of İETT million euros 120 200 find ads' 12-meter 'and' Metrobus line will also be used in 250 18-meter buses Karsan won the tender, is preparing to issue a daily bus from the production of 2 4.
Developed for NEW York taxi of the future 'project came up, Ken finals lost direction you turn to London, the taxi project to remove the shelf for a while, saw growth in the production of buses. Turkey's first and Karsan is a multi-brand car manufacturer, held last week by IETT now, '200 Units Natural Gas (CNG) 12 foot bus' after receiving the tender yesterday 'Metrobus' will be used in line 18-meter city bus won the tender.
4 bus on the target day
Karsan Executive Director Jan Nahum, with last year bredamenarinibus of Italy's leading bus companies have signed an agreement on production, sales and export in Turkey and stated that they very quickly begin to work in that direction. Nahum said, “This year we have grown from a bus production to 2. Our goal at 2013 is to produce 4 buses per day. X As Karsan stated that their goal is to provide transportation solutions, Nahum said:
We have all kinds of transportation
“We want to take place in all kinds of transportation area. We are completing our production in taxi, minibus and bus areas. At the moment, the taxi project may be in the shadow of a bus but we are still working on that. But we have to produce current bus a large part of our energy. "İETT 12 and 18-meter bus indicating the tender buses enter and 12-meter tender they won last week Nahum," We've given the fact that the first bus to Rome Municipality. 70 units 8 and 12 meter bus produced for Rome. 8 meters of these buses are CNG, 12 meters are diesel powered, Bu he said. İETT reminiscent of winning the tender for the first time in Turkey as they entered the bus area Nahum said:
One bus 242 one thousand euros
In Each 12 meter bus we provide to IETT is worth 242 thousand Euro. In other words, we will give a total of approximately 50 million Euro buses to the municipality. On the other hand, we also won the tender for 18 meter bus which can be used in IETT's Metrobus line. The value of these buses is also around 280 thousand Euro. In other words, we will provide the municipality with a total value of 120 million Euros. Yani
Taxi stayed a little in the shade, but studies are under way
Jan Nahum, who noted that they are working on the project for the future taxi project prepared for NEW York, said, ini Although we seem to be in the shadow of some buses, we still transfer a significant energy to a taxi. What we need to do in the taxi project is the 2. One 'business plan' and the other 'completion of engineering work'. When we finish these two more we will concentrate on this area. Bu Reminding that develops electric and right-hand drive taxi for London Nahum said: "Deputy Mayor of London, drive our play was very interested and asked to meet. However, due to the intensity of the bus business, we have not yet had the opportunity to meet. We are going to see the end of the summer period and we think that we will go a significant way. In addition, Turkey will also talk about the municipal taxi.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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