Karabük University, Rail Systems Engineering, offers a wide range of job opportunities in the rapidly developing railways in Turkey area with double Diplom

Only students who have completed the Rail Systems Engineering Department at the University of Karabük in Turkey, mechanical engineering courses, as well as taking a few courses diploma in mechanical engineering and rail systems as well as seeing more.
Rector of Karabuk University Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, university departments as they opened with no education in Turkey, one of which said that the engineering department of the rail system.
Turkey is a large deficit in this area, they planned to close this gap will grow with engineers expressing Uysal, he said:
“The aim of the rail systems engineering department, which was opened in the period of 2011-2012, is to meet the need of trained engineers with sufficient knowledge and skills about rail systems technologies in our country, and to have the ability to apply mathematics, science and engineering knowledge to the problems in this field. kazanis to prepare students for a successful engineering career. The ability to identify, formulate, model, analyze and solve rail systems engineering problems, and the ability to conduct and conduct experimental designs when necessary, and analyze and interpret the results. kazanis to climb. Our university will have a say in rail systems in Turkey and even in the world. Our biggest advantage is that we own the Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR) and that rails are produced in this factory, which are not available in Turkey or even in many other countries of the world. We are working with TCDD and KARDEMİR.”
- Interest in foreign universities
Uysal stated that railroad engineering is interested in universities of other countries. Bilgi We signed a protocol with Sudan University of Science and Technology and Khartoum University on rail system engineering, information exchange and student exchange, and we will train the future students. We believe that knowledge will grow as it is shared. In this respect, Karabük University will continue its international cooperation. Bu
He said that the university has come a long way in the field of rail systems and that they have a voice in this field. Dr. Uysal, 11-13 1 on October. International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop will be held.
Turkey in rail technology for the development of research on the cooperation of raising and discussion of expressing it would be possible by the creation tame, "this takes it to bring together public institutions and related industry associations, to identify the problems and the scientific environment is expected to evaluate them," he said.
KARDEMİR General Manager Fadil Demirel, Turkey, the region and the Middle East stating that they meet the needs of rail, 72 meters tall and was told that they have very high quality ray-producing plants.
Demirel stated that they met the need of rail of TCDD, said:
Iz As KARDEMİR, we will invest more in rail systems and cooperate with Karabük University. In this context, we have started to work to do some tests in Karabük University. Rail systems engineering is very important because we need scientifically trained manpower. We have opened our laboratories and all our facilities to Karabük University. From there, students will receive practical training in our factory. We are planning to work with the engineers who graduated here.

Source: muh.karabuk.edu.tr


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