The most interesting project that will save Istanbul is the ropeway!

Head of the Istanbul Studies Department. Dr. Recep Bozlagan told projects that will save Istanbul
Marmara University was founded within the scope of the Istanbul Studies Department of the 3 years ago. Dr. Recep Bozlagan told the projects that will save Istanbul. One of Bozlagan's most interesting projects is the cable car. Bozlağan, bağ Let's connect the hills with a cable car. Hasköy from Şişhane will be in 5 minutes. Şiş
Marmara University, Head of Istanbul Studies Department Dr. Recep Bozlagan, Napoleon, "the world would be the only state in Istanbul would be the capital," he began reminding the phrase. Istanbul, human, building, population, traffic, noise, pollution, moisture density has become an unhealthy city every day and the culture has disappeared 'emphasized. Bozlağan said the city did not deserve this.
Emphasizing that Istanbul should be transformed into a more livable, more reliable and preferred city by global capital, Bozlagan said: “There is no green space in Istanbul. RItubeThere are many neighborhoods where excessive noise, noise, and image pollution have reached an extreme stage. Healthy generation does not grow here. This should be the main goal of urban transformation.
Urban transformation became a necessity due to the earthquake. But it is more important to make cities livable. Istanbul, the center of the global system, should be the world's leading city. It should be the city that directs the world economy in terms of economic, cultural and sportive aspects. It must be the center of the world.
In order to provide more rent from the soil, the building was built on 1950 of the existing land of 5 for years. The territory of Istanbul 1 thousand 5 square kilometers. Without damaging the forests, water areas, protecting the 300 of the agricultural areas, avoiding the multi-storey buildings, allowing the building of 80 storey buildings, and even building houses with square meters in 5-200 can be produced in humanitarian conditions. This also reduces housing prices. Everyone becomes homeowners, neighborhood relations develop. Herkes
N 100 cannot pray in Ağa Mosque in Taksim. Those who want to make Friday prayers carry it out. The mosque is a must for Taksim but it is not a mosque like Suleymaniye. Because the mosques such as Süleymaniye are the product of the architects of that period. At least a thousand people can worship at the same time with a flat roof that descends to the bottom of the historic fabric in Taksim can not be a place of worship. Inin
Gerekiyor Transportation infrastructure needs to be strengthened and diversified. The cable car lines connecting the European and Asian sides must be built. Istanbul is a city of hills with deep valleys. The connection of the hills to each other should be provided by ropeway lines. If you think you can go to Hasköy from Şişhane by 5 in minutes.
3. the bridge was a need. Since the third bridge was built to the point away from the city, Istanbul will no longer need a bridge. 4. The bridge should not be built and will not be done.

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