Vehicle overturned on metrobus road in Istanbul, 3 injured

As a result of the vehicle crashed into the road of the Metrobus vehicle 2 person and another vehicle driver passing through the road were injured.
On the Merter route of the E-5 Highway, a vehicle in the direction of Avcılar lost its supremacy at the driver's seat and entered Zeytinburnu metrobus station.
Here, the power pole hit the car, flip over reversed.
In the event of an accident where the driver and the person next to him were slightly injured, parts of the vehicle were injured and the driver of another vehicle was injured.
Metrobus stop waiting to stop the citizens, health, police and fire crews came to the scene.
3 slightly injured in the accident people went to the hospitals in their own resources were learned.
Due to the accident, a controlled flow was provided for some time in the direction of Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar road. After the accident was cleared by officers on the road after the accident, the traffic was back to normal, the car accident, then the scene was taken by the towers.

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