Metrobus release from Karsan, which won IETT's Metrobus tender | Metrobus tender

the İETT metrobus auction . It is not the right approach to compare the vehicles currently being used in the Metrobus line with the vehicles under the tender, technically or economically, yapılan said Karsan.
In a written statement from Karsan, it was stated that the most economical offer was given by IKT for the purchase of 200 units of natural gas from the IETT, and the most economical offer for 250 pieces of bellows bus procurement tenders was given by Karsan. The tender process is not completed yet and the process is ongoing. 25 July 2012 has created comments that may cause misunderstandings in the news public in the press on Wednesday.
The statement, the metrobus line in the world as an exemplary and successfully operated by specifying the line, the following statements were included:
Ur Due to the geographical and technological structure of this line, there is a necessity to transport to Metrobus line with special vehicles. If allowed on the Metrobus line, any vehicle including minibus can be navigated. However, these tools do not mean that a genuine BRT should do the same and that the BRT can carry the same passenger capacity as a particular time and high level of comfort. The buses in question may, if desired, be able to navigate within the preferred route, such as other buses. However, normal buses do not have the passenger capacity of passenger vehicles capable of carrying high capacity under the Metrobus recipe, so they cannot provide the transport service that a preferential or even a metrobus can give. In order to utilize the preferential BRT line in maximum efficiency, the cost of these vehicles increases significantly as the carrying capacity of the vehicles used increases. The cost of a bus to a minibus can be in the range of five to one 10, and a metrobus can cost 5 to 10 as compared to a normal bus. Therefore, it is not a correct approach to compare the tools currently used in the Metrobus line with the instruments under the scope of the tender, either technically or economically.

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