What will the Light Rail System Gain?

There is another news yesterday about the light rail system, which is perhaps still impossible for some.
Now, the tender for the pauses.
Metropolitan light rail continues to take steps on the system.
Tram to Sakarya is coming.
* * *
First, the route will be put into service at Gar Square in Arifiye.
With the new arrangement of the Gar Square and the environmental arrangement to be made on the current route used by Ada Express, a service that will change the face of Sakarya will be offered to the public.
As a second step, the second phase of Yenikent will strengthen its connection with the city.
After the investments in Yenikent recently, the process of integrating the region with the city will be completed with the light rail.
* * *
A few years ago, the light rail system laughs in the face of the steps taken today, 'do not enlarge the event' in the air.
Citizen is happy.
I think the light rail system in terms of the city's image is a very good project.
Passengers arriving at the new Terminal will reach the city center using the light rail system.
This will provide a very important reference for the city's image.
How was it?
The Gar Square was idle due to many difficulties.
Those who came off the train met that horrible scene.
The old terminal is now overdue.
Today, the new terminal is a vision that will provide a plus for the city's image along with the light rail system.

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