Logistics Base of Giants İzmir, Torbalı

Carrefour Turkey's largest retail chain, has opened its seventh store in the country Torbal. With this investment, Torbalı; Together with Kipa, DiaSa and Pehlivanoğlu, he started to host the fourth distribution center.
After KIPA, DiaSa and Pehlivanoglu, the logistics center at CarrefourSa opened to Torbali. With the introduction of the 11 thousand square meter warehouse which was realized with the partnership of Reysaş, Torbalı became a logistics center. Ministers, Binali Yıldırım and Erdoğan Bayraktar attended the opening of this giant investment yesterday. The warehouse, which will produce its own electricity, will operate in the Aegean, Mediterranean and South Marmara regions. The distribution center will serve the 50 CarrefourSa 'store.
Being close to HAVAYOLUN, being on the highway of İzmirAydın, passing the İzmirAydın highway within the boundaries of the district and the speedy train line extending to the district turned the investors' eyes to Torbalı. Many companies are competing with each other to open the factory or branch to Torbalı. Torbalı, which is an industrial city, has become the investment region of the regional distribution centers of giant markets. After 3, such as Kipa, DiaSa and Pehlivanoglu, he preferred Torbali for investment in CarrefourSa. In his speech, Binali Yıldırım instructed CarrefourSa, 'Take your workers from Torbalı. Let people of this district benefit. Bu
TESCO Kipa has reached an annual distribution capacity of 12 thousands products with its Torbali warehouse in its supply network. 50 million dollars, the main distribution center of imported products in İzmir to Yazıbaşı unique in Turkey under a single process to communicate Kipa stores. The store of Diasa, which operates with 1000 employees and 400 stores, is set up in Pancar. Likewise, Pancar, the main distribution center of Pehlivanoğlu, the retail giant of the Aegean Region, is also present. The distribution center is equipped with state-of-the-art machines.
CarrefourSA'da in Turkey's largest retail chain, logistics Reysaş seventh store in Turkey in collaboration with the opening of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim and Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdogan Bayraktar was held with participation. 2 11 thousand square meters with a cold area of ​​200 thousand square meters warehouse, 1 people will be employed. The roof of the warehouse will be completely covered with solar panels. The sun will be converted into money and the annual XNUMX million pounds will be left in the pocket.
IZMIR Governor Cahit Kirac, AK Party Izmir Provincial Chairman Omer Cihat Akay, Izmir Deputy Nesrin Ulema accompanied by the opening ceremony of the citizens of the town began to welcome the protocol members. CarrefourSA İzmir Depo, which is planned to provide employment to 200 people with the opening of the seventh warehouse in Torbalı, will serve to the CarrefourSA stores serving in the Mediterranean, Aegean and South Marmara regions. Reysaş Logistics Management
Chairman of the Board Durmuş Döven stated that there are two thousand square meters of storage area with a cold area of ​​11 thousand square meters. we are opening our warehouse. Izmir's most modern tank in Turkey, according to human health and environment, assessing the efforts of the Turkish producers and farmers will be an example for other companies, "he said.
After the speech of DURMUŞ Döven, Cahit Kıraç came to the stand. The Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Erdoğan Bayraktar came to the stage to speak after Kıraç, who wished the warehouse was beneficial to Torbalı and İzmir. Erdogan Bayraktar, the elections, not targeting the 2023'ye said, X We are just demand for your prayer. You already know who to vote for. We will start urban transformation. K
He told that he saw a lot of people who didn't do work in a barley length and said: çok We need people who make a barley-length in İzmir and make miles by road. For the last year, Izmir has recovered. Izmir realized its power. Izmir is now the service time. The people of İzmir know how the service is done. We said 'We will extend İZBAN to Torbalı' from the airport. They said, 'The minister exaggerates'. Do we start the 80? At the end of this year we will complete the infrastructure. The next year, the super structure will begin. There is no such business, çalış he said. Minister Yıldırım's speech was often interrupted by applause. Interest in both ministers was intense.

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