Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan: We Customize the Railway

Within the scope of the official visit, Minister of Economy Zafer Çağlayan, who is in the Far East country Singapore, stated that they will promote the promotion of Turkish products in Japan and Singapore as the ministry and that the railway management will be privatized.
Minister of Economy Zafer Çağlayan, who made an official visit to Singapore, met with Turkish press members in Santosa Island after his visit to Singapore Port and Jurong Island. In statements to reporters regarding visiting Singapore Minister Zafer Caglayan, the Singaporean company officials said they were interested in Turkey.
Saying that they will increase the promotional activities of Turkish products in the Far East market, Minister Çağlayan said that television advertisements are also effective in Singapore. Caglayan, "Turkey does not rotate turns giving friends directions. As the ministry, we will support the promotions in these countries, Japan and Singapore, ”he underlined that they will do the support on a company basis. In this context, Çağlayan stated that the Ministry of Economy will cover a certain part of the advertising costs to be paid by the companies.
In Turkey, saying they would build the world's major container ports Caglayan, Turkey to the ports that need to meet the foreign trade volume this context, he said that inadequate existing harbor.
Minister of Economy Çağlayan said, “We will make Mersin and İzmir one of the biggest transfer centers in the world. How is Izmir Çandarlı and Mersin different from Singapore? There is no difference. We have the position to be the most important transfer center of the Mediterranean ”.
Turkey's new incentive system as well as the Japanese that drew the attention of Singaporeans expressing Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, "We are no longer our incentive system in the world, we will introduce in major television. We will announce our incentive system to the world in the most effective way. Because those who are aware of this incentive system show their interest seriously ”. Çağlayan also said that they will start promotions this year by allocating the budget for the introduction of the new incentive system.
Minister of Economy Zafer Çağlayan stated that some businessmen complain about the high transportation costs in Mersin Port and said that they will privatize the railway management in terms of reducing transportation activities. Saying that the issue for the privatization of the railway management was opened for signature in the Council of Ministers, Çağlayan noted that the railway management will be privatized as in the airline companies.

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