In Düzce, when Istanbul Street is closed to traffic, the rail system will be switched to

Düzce Mayor Ismail Bayram, Istanbul Street after the closure of traffic to the rail system, said the transition. . We are going to step by step, Bayram said Bayram.
İsmail Bayram made evaluations about the efforts to close the traffic they started with the ban on parking in Istanbul Street. In his speech about the project in question, the President said, “Our project there is to close the street to traffic and lay the rail system. We said that we will go step by step to reach this point. We implemented a parking ban. Now we are preparing for a single lane application. Of course, all of these require new investments. Rail system works will come next. There are different arrangements that will enable that regulation to function properly. We are working on these. There is no calendar saying, "We will do the following application today." But this is the point we want to reach. I think this is the right point. Because we worked hard, we still work, ”he said.
Stating that Istanbul Street is the most important street of Düzce since its foundation, Bayram said, “Therefore, you have to do all the studies when deciding on this street. We have done these studies and still continue to do so. We have vehicle counts and densities at every point in Düzce. We revise the places we need to revise again. Therefore, we create a solid infrastructure. We create a knowledge base. This is how we make the junction arrangements. We will have some crossroad arrangements again in the coming days. ”
”We are taking steps to relieve the traffic in the city,” said President Bayram. I don't turn off to say I've closed the street. That is why we have to bring the reasons to a good point and make the majority agree. This is our goal here. We will surely do that, Bunu he said.
Bayram emphasized that they were attentive at the point of Istanbul Street being closed to traffic. Because it doesn't end with closing the street. There are many ports in the north-south direction of the street. We are attentive to not be able to step back on them tomorrow. On the last day of Ramadan, we will organize a big iftar organization on Istanbul Street. Then we will close, we will try. But our opinion about closure is final. ”

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