Çorlu - Istanbul Train Flights Are Held 3 Days A Week

ÇerkezköyThe railway, which provides rail transportation between Istanbul and the second phase maintenance and renovation works are ongoing. Due to the studies, the trains between Çorlu and Istanbul, which are reduced to 3 times a day and once a day, are only available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Apart from that from Çorlu Çerkezköy`e and Çorlu` t Kapikule`s daily train service is organized.
Edirne - 2nd stage of Istanbul train line Çerkezköy - It is reported that the maintenance and repair works on the Istanbul route continue. Within the scope of the works that started last March and are expected to last about 10 months, the train services from Çorlu to Istanbul, which are organized 2 times a day, were reduced to 3 days a week and once a day.
Since 19 March 2012, Çorlu - Kapıkule flights have been held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10:05. Çorlu at 18:18 every day of the week - Çerkezköy Çorlu - Kapıkule flights are also carried out at 18:18. Train services from Çorlu to Uzunköprü were canceled.
While those who come to Çorlu as a guest or are not aware of the number of trips that have been reduced since the day of the work started, they learned that when they come to the train station to buy tickets, there is a high density in the station due to the trips that take place three times a week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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