5.2 billion euros in turnover took off in Turkey focused on high-speed train

rail vehicles worldwide in over 60 with Turkey, infrastructure, information systems, offering the flagship company of Alstom Alstom Transport, has made 5.2 billion euros last year. Alstom Transport Turkey General Manager Anil Faith, announced that they are closely involved with the high-speed train projects in Turkey.
Export center was
The company's worldwide 24 thousand 700 employees found that said Anil Faith, said: "As Alstom Turkey since the year xnumx'l we came to Turkey is continuously growing in all our sectors, we are using our plant production and export center in Turkey. It is also looking forward sustainable growth as Alstom Transport Turkey can work. Our total number of employees in Turkey was 1950. The turnover we achieved last year amounted to 1200 million dollars. Geç
Great market
Alstom Transport Project Director Jean Noel Duquesnoy in Turkey, the tramway, metro and high speed train said that they closely follow projects related to signaling. Production decisions, market demand size, we're considering measures such as cost structure, "said Duquesnoy, Turkey on investment while" Turkey, located around began to pose a bigger market is getting together with other countries. The formation of such markets is extremely important. Production for one project would not be feasible Bir.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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