Metrobus hit barriers in Avcılar

4 people were injured in a traffic accident that occurred in Avcılar.
The car with 100 UH 34 plate, under the direction of Ekber Özcan, on the D-6621 Highway in the direction of Topkapı, hit the concrete pillar of the Avcılar Bridge as a result of its driver losing control of the steering wheel. The car, which returned to the opposite direction with the impact of the impact, stopped by hitting the barriers on the metrobus road.
In the accident, the driver Özcan and Eysa, Habibe and Hande Durmuş, from the same family in the car, were stuck in the car. Upon the notice, the wounded were removed from the place where they were by the fire crews who came to the scene, and after the first intervention of the medical teams, Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Education and Research Hospital. It was learned that the health conditions of the injured were good.
The road closed to one-way vehicle traffic after the accident, the car returned to normal after the removal of the car.

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