Çankırı Ilgaz Chairlift Plant Opens for Operation

Çankırı Ilgaz Yildiztepe (Kadinçayırı) 2 Personality Fixed Clamlift Chair Facility offers ski lovers a comfortable and easy access to the piste areas with the view offered by Ilgaz Mountain. Chair for two kazanWith the added comfort and new drive station design, the chairlift facility has been designed to serve all its customers at the highest level of safety and the operator with the lowest maintenance and operating costs. It was put into operation in 2012.


  • Horizontal Line Length - 1539 meters
  • Difference in Height - 370 meters
  • Rope Tension Type - Hydraulic
  • Number of Chairs - 370
  • Speed ​​- 0-2,5 m / s (adjustable)
  • Capacity - 1200 people / hour
  • Motor power - 250 kW
  • Rope diameter - 38 mm

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