Governor of California approves first leg of an ambitious high-speed train project

The governor of the state of California, the United States, has approved for the first leg of an ambitious high-speed train project that will connect key areas of the region.
The ultimate goal of the project is to connect San Francisco, one of the most important centers of the state, and Los Angeles. This is a distance of about 560 kilometers.
However, the first approved section of the 210 kilometer of the line constitutes only a small part of the project and runs along the Central Valley, which covers the agricultural areas in the middle of the province.
In this flat valley without large settlements, the train is expected to reach 350 miles per hour (220 miles).
Governor Jerry Brown said the 68 billion-dollar project would create jobs for the province and offer a greener alternative to travel by land and air.
Nevertheless, California, which will be the fifth largest economy in the world if it is a country, has undergone a heavy debt burden in recent years and has made major cuts in its budget.
For this reason, the state can not undertake such an investment is not less than anyone who can not.
Those who campaign against the project call it "a train that can't get anywhere." At the beginning of the month, the project received approval with little margin after a controversial session from the state senate.
Federal subsidies from President Barack Obama will also be used for the project. Obama says he supports the idea of ​​developing a high-speed train network in the USA. California was the first state to act in this direction.
However, since the line will take decades to complete, the final impact will be difficult to measure.
If the network is completed as envisaged, it will extend from Sacramento to Los Angeles and connect many cities on the road.
This project is considered to be the most comprehensive and ambitious public investment ever made in the province.

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