Bursa Cable Car Stopped, Tourism Paralyzed in Uludağ

uludag cable car line was taken care of
uludag cable car line was taken care of

In summer, the cable car used to go to Uludağ is not used for 3 days. In addition, the tentmakers in Çobankaya, who went to work every day using the ropeway, became victims.

The cable car, which worked intermittently last Tuesday and worked in the morning on Wednesday, has not worked since Thursday. When the cable car, which took the passengers up in the morning on Wednesday, did not work in the afternoon, the citizens went down with the minibuses. Minister of Labor and Social Security, Faruk Çelik, who came to visit his father, who stays in Sarıalan every year, by cable car, went to Uludağ yesterday in an official vehicle. Citizens surrounding Minister Çelik demanded the construction of the new cable car and the operation of the old one. Calling Bursa Metropolitan Municipality officials, Çelik learned that the old cable car could not work due to the wind and reported this to the citizens.

Hundreds of tourists in Sarıalan went to Bursa city center by minibuses. Authorities, Kadiyayla station and the speed of the hour between the speed of the power station 70 poyraz that exceeds, stating, "The cable, according to the instructions, 70 can not run on the wind. There may not be wind in Sarıalan. However, in the intermediate areas on the ropeway route, it shakes the cabin and hits the poles. Our facility 50 has been working without accident for years. We are canceling the voyages to avoid taking risks and for the safety of the passengers. Risk

Uludağ'da minibuses are, ik When the cable car does not work life stands in Uludag. What country casinos, what business owners can do business. We want the new ropeway to be done in a way that will not cancel the old route on the different route. If the new ropeway is on another route, one of the two facilities can serve as an alternative. Yeni

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