Farmers' Station Victory in Bursa-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project

The üretim Kazıklı Village Station ce, which was planned to be constructed within the scope of the Bursa-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project and which thousands of farmers engaged in production in the Gürsu Plain, was canceled by the General Directorate of State Railways. The route was brought closer to the Bursa Ring Road in accordance with the requests.
Bursa-Ankara high-speed train and Kazıklı Village Station in the Gürsu Plain to prevent the impact of the agricultural production of farmers and village headmen threw out. CHP Bursa deputy and Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Commissioner İlhan Demiröz together with State Railways Production Department Head Mustafa Babay Gürsu Agricultural Chamber Chairman Kamil Dönmez, Karahıdır Village Headman Mustafa Güzelce, Kazıklı Village Headman Yılmaz Uysal and İğdir SS Agricultural Development Cooperative Ahmet Ataç, the President, stated the project route and the risk that Kazıklı Village Station had created for the thousands of farmers who made a living in the Gürsu Plain.
Mustafa Babay, Head of State Railways Production Department, stated that the project had been changed and that the project route was approached to the highway up to a minimum of 10 meters, and that the ın Kazıklı Village Station kar mentioned in the project was abandoned due to not wanting the people of the region. Babay stated that the expropriation work started from the beginning of the project.
Gürsu Ziraat Room President Kamil Dönmez expressed his concerns about the project and reiterated that the route should be brought closer to the Bursa Ring Road and that the part called ini Kazıklı Village Station 'should be canceled. Kamil Dönmez said: yol The biggest reason for opposing the station is that the roads to reach the station will finish the Gürsu Plain. Or me and my village headman friends, we're not against the station. We are against roads, Yap he said.
CHP Bursa deputy Ilhan Demiroz, the route change and especially with the removal of Kazıklı Village Station, the right thing to do with the GDR, the Gürsu Plain farming and agriculture, providing a livelihood of thousands of producers will take a deep breath with the last change, he said. Demiröz said that no public project could be implemented contrary to the public interest. Ür We have been fighting this issue for months with the Bursa public and the sensitive Bursa community. Of course, listening to these reactions is positive. I hope that in such important projects to be developed from now on, final decisions are taken in consultation with the segments of the society to be affected. Thus, possible victimization will be prevented at the beginning. Böylece

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