Budak: the high-speed train should be completed before EXPO 2016

Antalya Chamber of Industry and Commerce President Çetin Osman Budak emphasized that the high-speed train project of Antalya, the world city, should be completed before EXPO 2016. Chairman Budak said, "As much as the Third Bridge is necessary to Istanbul, the high-speed train in Antalya is as important."
Underlining that tourism is a sector that creates 100% added value, Budak said that alternative tourism is a must and that 11 million tourists coming to Antalya should be able to visit the inner regions by improving the tourism infrastructure in order to prevent the current account deficit. Çetin Osman Budak said that if the high-speed train project is completed, the wealth of Antalya will be transferred to Anatolia.
Pointing out that tourism in Antalya could gain a share of its competitors in the future unless it is taken out of the triangle of sea, sun and sand, Budak emphasized that the most important instrument to spread tourism in the region to 12 months is transportation. Operating under ATSO, Antalya Tanıtım A.Ş. Mayor Budak said that Antalya will host the General Assembly of International Congress Organizers (ICCA) in 2014, and said that the city needs a congress center. Antalya Promotion Inc. Underlining that they have been carrying out some projects from health tourism to cultural tourism in order to spread tourism to 12 months, Budak said that the fruits of these projects will be reaped by next autumn.
4 year is enough for us
In Antalya, which will host the Botanic EXPO in 2016, ATSO Chairman Budak emphasized that all the goals should be set according to this organization and that all the deficiencies of Antalya, from the infrastructure to the superstructure, should be eliminated in a planned manner during the remaining 4 years.
Budak, who demonstrates the work done at Venlo Floriade EXPO 2012, said that I started working in the Netherlands 8 years ago. Underlining that EXPO is a development project, Budak said, “4 years is sufficient if planned. During this time, we can turn that field into one of the best places in the world, ”he said.
Taxes do not return as investments% ATSO President Çetin Osman Budak pointed out that most of the investments in Antalya are from outside Antalya and stated that the taxes invested do not return as investment to Antalya due to the headquarters of the company in other cities. Budak, according to the Turkey Statistical Institute data; He said that although Antalya is among the top 4 provinces in terms of credit increase, credit usage and automobile sales, its ranking in the 7th place in tax is an example of this situation. Pointing out that the tourism city of Antalya serves more than 500 thousand people from its average population per month, Budak said, “The city of Antalya receives a tax share from its official population.
Taking into account the incoming tourists and second residents, Antalya has an average monthly population of around 2 and a half million ”and suggested that a different budgeting technique be developed in tourism cities.

Source : http://www.turizmgazetesi.com

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