Budak, expressed the desire to bring the railway to Antalya within the scope of EXPO 2016

Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the iftar dinner meeting of the Chamber Chamber and Exchange.
Hosted by ATSO Chairman Çetin Osman Budak, ATSO Assembly President Ali Rıza Akıncı, ATSO Board Members and Isparta, Burdur, Afyon, Yalvaç, Dinar, Manavgat, Kumluca Chamber and Exchange Presidents attended the meeting. ATSO President Mr. Budak stated that Ramadan is a month of unity and togetherness, and expressed his pleasure to be together with the chamber and exchange chairmen in the region on the occasion of Mubarak Ramadan. I would like to thank the Chamber and Stock Exchange Presidents for the whole region. Borsa
Budak, who gave information about EXPO 2016 in his speech, pointed out that EXPO 2016 should not be seen only as the project of Antalya. Budak said, sadece I would like to emphasize that EXPO 2016 is not just Antalya's project. I see EXPO 2016 as a development project that includes the entire region from Isparta to Burdur, Manavgat to Afyon. Isparta, Burdur, Afyon, and many of our districts, including the expectation of many projects, "he said.
Railway 2016 target should be in the EXPO 2016 studies to bring the railway in Antalya, said that very desire Budak said; Yol We are very interested in bringing the railway to Antalya. EXPO has provided development acceleration for each region. Finally, we saw the botanical EXPO in Venlo, Netherlands. Venus has made the skip and superstructure investments. Two highways connected to the Netherlands and Germany, railways, logistics centers were built. 10-40 thousand visitors a day. When we founded BAGEV 50 years ago, the railway was one of the main targets, but it is still not on the agenda today. We don't know if there are any 12 plans. We believe that Antalya should have a railway project for 2023 year. Antalya
ACCI as they launched a 'Antalya Information System' project and signed a policy stating that they Budak in Turkey, "We are removing the Antalya's trade and industry inventory. If you wish, we can share the knowledge and experience we gained in this project with the regional chambers. Bu
In his speech, Antalya Organized Industrial Zone no longer has the opportunity to expand too much ATSO President Budak, so that the industrial investment in Antalya, Bucak, Isparta and Burdur said he was directing.

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