Removing Obstacles One by One in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality organizes arrangements to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities throughout the city, from the pavement to the bus station, from the metro station to the service building, from the park to the AŞTİ. On the one hand, the teams preparing the ramps for wheelchair passes, on the other hand can be felt on the sidewalks for disabled people.
38 bin 175, resident in Ankara, strives to lift the obstacles in life with applications such as freedom of transportation, physical therapy support, locals and vocational courses for the disabled citizen. Passages, parks, toilets in the parks, service building, AŞTİ, makes new arrangements in buses and traffic lights. Metropolitan Municipality City Esthetics Department, which has started to work from the first degree pedestrian zones in the capital, reorganizes the main street and boulevard pavements in order to make all pedestrians more comfortable to use. Obstacles such as ticket booth, mushroom, electricity pole, concrete flower pot, direction sign, which decreases the mobility of the citizens on the main streets and boulevards, cooperate with the related units and institutions, lifts if it is lost or moved to the appropriate place. Beginning from Kızılay and Ulus, the teams engaged in pedestrian overpasses and pedestrian underpasses have a non-slip band, which make the ramps suitable to the standards and make a new ramp. On the teams, main streets and boulevards, a sensible surface study is carried out to enable visually impaired citizens to move more comfortably. The pedestrian overpasses for disabled, elderly and pregnant for the purpose of comfortable crossing over the 60 elevator, which previously put into service the Metropolitan Municipality, 18 point presses button for the construction of the elevator.
The work carried out at AŞTİ, Cultural Centers and Youth Centers also made important arrangements for the visually impaired. Help placed at various points with an assistant phone booth, disabled citizens, attendees can guide them to wherever they want. Braille and Latin Alphabets are placed on the boards, consultation, safety, police, cafe, barber, such as the location of important centers are specified. In addition, for the visually impaired, an end-to-end stimulant track path is made within AŞTI.
Metropolitan Municipality also makes important arrangements for disabled people in parks. In parks, the entrances, the width of the pedestrian roads, the height of the pavers, the curb and ramp slopes, flooring are brought to appropriate standards especially for disabled people with wheelchairs. In many parks, while the play group is placed for disabled citizens, the toilets are adjusted to the standards as male and female.
Metropolitan Municipality Building will set an example for public buildings with regulations for disabled people. While preparing the installation of sensible plates for the emergency exits, toilets and rooms for the building, the handicapped toilet on each floor, the written, illuminated, voice information and call buttons in the elevators stand out with its compliance with the standards.
Ankaray, Ankara metro stations provide access to the station from every point of the visually impaired citizens can be felt to make the surface application. With this project, 623 square elliptical surface, 11 bin 500 meter guide track and 968 square meter stimulus surface is planned to be installed in order to prevent visually impaired people from falling on the rails. 54 units will be added to the stations in addition to the 24 units in the stations and 4 escalators and 18 horizontal platform type elevators will be installed.
With the free and discounted access cards, public transportation vehicles can be used easily, the freedom of transportation for disabled citizens in the form of gospel arrangements continue. In the 70 bus fleet with vehicles with a disabled lift one example of the Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey very soon 250 new low-floor articulated buses will add to these vehicles. In addition, efforts are underway to ensure that the entire fleet is accessible to the disabled platform. In addition, there are ongoing preparations for audio and video information for the hearing and visually impaired citizens who are waiting for the bus at the bus stop. The EGO General Directorate of Transportation, which installs an acoustic pedestrian signal transmitting pedestrian crossing device to the 42 junction, makes the time of the light signaling systems compatible with a slow person.




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