President Topbaş's latest projects

Answering questions about the traffic ordeal in Istanbul, Topbaş said that the metrobus that will operate between Beylikdüzü and Avcılar is not the final solution and stated that the subway planned to be built between Bahçelievler and Beylikdüzü is at the project stage: 'This is what will actually solve the problem'
Regarding the major traffic problems experienced during the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge maintenance and repair works: “I discussed the issue with our consultant. I asked why three lanes were closed instead of two lanes on the bridge. He stated that the width of the asphalt pouring machines necessitates this application. If Marmaray was finished, we would be able to carry 150.000 passengers per hour and we could tell the public to prefer. "We do not use sea travel as we find it slow," he said.
Kadir Topbaş said that they also take into account the criticism of the 3rd bridge to the Bosphorus and that it will be completed by 2015.
Topbaş, who received wide coverage in the media, saying that the fountain waters in Istanbul are cleaner than the dispenser size water, also clarified these words.

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