Why is Aziz President İzmir's Metro not ending?

So far, everyone wrote something to the story of the snake, the subway wrote, the result did not change, but who was to blame for it?
Aziz Kocaoğlu'mu, STFA Mühendislik- Semally (Consultant Company), Bayındır Construction, Bozoğlu Construction, Öztaş Construction, İBB Bureaucrats, or Ak Parti Government should have an answer before this.
Aziz Kocaoglu took a very important step for the province of Izmir, even in his sleep was engaged in the metro, but could not succeed. There is no excuse for unpredictable reasons, 21. YY is inside, you have very bold bureaucrats, before a small construction, before the ground research is done, the project is considered the smallest details in the project phase, a type of project is removed, on this type of project, is discussed, the opinion of experts on the subject, then the project is implemented . I suppose it is possible to start with the logic of the problem, especially if we start after a problem begins?
STFA Engineering-Semally joint venture, such a powerful company, how, the project can not salute. If the contractor is a contractor, the contractor is replaced; STFA, whether it is the project itself or by the IMM, I believe that STFA has a definite responsibility for an incorrect project because of its obligation to control the project.
If you come to this conclusion from the Nera, the tender file field, and Turkey, among the most experienced firms in these matters, which after the dossier of the investigation, Alarko, although not specify the job can not be done with the file available information and project by bidding, why not consider. Didn't STFA-SEMAALY do the ground surveys of this place before we started the construction of the subway?
In 2005, the 6 station found in the first project was: Fahrettin Altay, Güzelyalı, Poligon, Göztepe, Hatay and Bahçelievler.
In the explanations contained in the IMM website, the sites where the stations are located will be dual functional; the station platform will be located on the ground, tolls on the platform will be placed (concorde solid). The areas where tolls are located will also be used as pedestrian underground passages. Thus, the pedestrian underpass at the 6 point on Inönü Street will be more comfortable and safe for pedestrians, and the traffic flow will be provided for relief, and the first auction was expected in February, while the 16 was held in March 2005 with a one-month delay.
As we have seen, the delay process of the subway started in the tender process. The proposals given in the first tender were as follows;
Bayındır İnşaat: 90.898.248 YTL, Tinsa LTD: 119.952.592 YTL, Ceylan İnşaat: 132.836.993 YTL, UKR metro & Gülermak: 132.900.788 YTL
In the process of the tender, the official website of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced:
On the 16 March 2005, the construction of the Üçyol - Üçkuyular metro line is scheduled to start in May this year and be completed within the projected 660 days (22 months) and will be put into service in the first months of 2007.
The date on which the construction will be completed after 22 months, which will start in May; March was announced as 2007.
On the site of the IMM, Inonu Caddesi announced that it would be open to road traffic, and that only part of it would be closed during the production of the station. However, it is obvious that the point reached today shows a very big difference from that announced.
On the same day, the ambitious statements of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu are as follows: al We mobilized all our resources for public transportation by the metro and light rail system which is the only way of Izmir. Our priority is transportation. In this direction, the subway 2. We will quickly activate the stage ın
According to the statement dated 3 January 2005, the tender for the construction of the metro, which will be laid in April, could be finalized on 4 March in 27 days to April. Information given to the public on this date is as follows.
The tender announced that Bayındır Construction will be completed in the 22 month and will be operational in the first months of 2007
As it is seen, it was announced that 27 will be signed between March and 11 April and it was announced to the public that the construction will start in May. Considering the fact that the construction of the Bayindir construction in Istanbul in the year of 2001 has been terminated by the reason of the crisis and terminated the contract, the IMM administration is not aware of this important details and they do not study the firm they are doing meticulously or prepare the administrative and technical specifications of the tender. The result is possible.
The regulations regarding the tender are clearly explained and the relevant public institution has the necessary rights to prepare the technical and administrative specifications. In other words, the IMM could have excluded the company from the tender by adding a substance such as bir doing and doing the metro work within the last 2001 year (or 5 year) yıl to the tender specification with a vision that will be able to analyze the termination of the 10 and see the possible dangers beforehand.
Either he didn't investigate or he didn't make it, let's say we go ahead and continue writing.
25 May 2005 started work for the station to be built within the scope of the project in Üçkuyular.
29 May The groundbreaking ceremony of the 2005 metro construction;
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, met 3 June 2005 Friday, 11.00'de Üçkuyular-Üçyol will perform the groundbreaking ceremony of our metropolis will perform. I would like to invite all people of Izmir to the ceremony. We will perform our ceremony with enthusiasm, finish our works as soon as possible and put our new line into service. Both 5 of the subway. I wish that both our year and our new project will be beneficial to the people of İzmir em.
As can be seen, 3 January 2005 announced in February, the tender for the construction of the metro in February, the tender will be laid in March, the contract was held in March and the contract was signed in April, and in May was not laid. The groundbreaking date of the 3 was to be done in June, the construction was even more nail than the 2 lunar delay. Here, the 2005 monthly process from January 2005 to June 5, where the subway process was announced, should not avoid attention. The process of starting the construction is delayed by at least 5 months, because we will do it quickly.
19 October 2005: 4 of Metro construction. The news in the media are as follows:
Metro will be finished in 2007, there are three different points to accelerate the project which is planned to be completed in two years
As can be seen, the belief that IMM and the media will end in 2005 will continue in the first 4 of construction. In the construction works initiated by the contractor at different points, the opening of the shaft opening and approach tunnels has been initiated and the 200 m has remained behind.
23 December 2005, in the news headlines carried on the headlines,
Underground train between Üçyol and Üçkuyular blocked the underground stream in Güzelyalı.
Metro 100 day will be delayed, Üçyol-Üçkuyular Metro Project "underground stream" was blocked. Guzelyali Tansaş parked in the front of the ground down to about 25 meters down the ground in the work machines reduced, 4 liters per second met with the flow of groundwater.
Due to groundwater difficulties, tunnel boring works were continued, while the work program was halted. The project is planned to be completed in 200 days in front of Güzelyalı Tansaş and it will be announced that there will be a delay of approximately 200 due to groundwater.
Metro left to 2007 September, Güzelyalı underground, water flowing from the project, after the project had been formed, such a thing could not be, according to the geological studies were made healthy, because the ground surveys prepared subway projects, the construction of the route before the revision it could have. A good ground study could be done to determine the creek water under the ground and a route could be determined which would be least affected by the tunnel route. However, since this was not done, the sonra caravan was straightened on the road hakim philosophy was again dominant and revisions were made after the construction of the metro. This is also the beginning of the process for the cancellation of the planned station in Güzelyalı.
After all these negativities, the contractor firm's collateral crisis was on the agenda, the contractor firm could not get the advance from the IMM due to its debts to the SDIF, and therefore the workers could not get their money. Nobody asked, O big president how to deal with a contractor who owes a debt to the SDIF, he said this situation was inevitable.
29 March 2006: IMM entered the termination process with a contractor company and drew attention to the company. The company was given 40 days to complete the deficiencies. At the time of the request of the firm, this time was removed from the day of 180 (6 month). 6 monthly time 26 is full in October 2006.
4 APRIL 2006: After the IMB's notice, 2 has decided to terminate the contract with the contractor after the assessment made in the monthly period.
IBB President Aziz Kocaoğlu, 'We have discussed the tender process won by Bayındır Construction and decided to terminate the contract. The procedure is starting today and we will consider it. Due to the delays caused by the company all kinds of warnings, we waited in good faith. We conclude the relations with Bayındır Construction in the construction of the Üçyol-Üçkuyular metro line. '
Why didn't you put the firm on the table before?
As can be seen, the construction process, which started in May 2005, stopped completely in April 1 with the termination of the contract even before the end of 2006 year. There are four important problems: the underground water in Güzelyalı, the contractor cannot obtain a guarantee, the contractor firm does not pay an advance due to the lack of a guarantee from the bank, and the contractor firm has a shortage of payments to subcontractors.
Looking at this 4 important issue, it is obvious how the events took place with a chain, now you need to ask the great president
How did you give this job to a contractor who owed a debt to the SDIF?
Didn't you know that Bayındır Construction had left the metro construction in 2001?
STFA-SMALLY Consultancy, in all these developments, only watch? Do the IMM bureaucrats also see their place in the cruise chute?
In my next article, Burhan Özfatura, Hanefi Caner, Binali Yıldırım, Bozoğlu construction, Öztaş İnşaat and elbet Aziz continue to evaluate with President and bureaucrats.

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