Artvin Cable Car Project

Artvin Cable Car Project: In a written statement made by the Artvin Governorship Press and Public Relations Directorate, the Artvin Ropeway Project, which was prepared by the Artvin Governor Necmettin Kalkan to the General Secretariat of the Artvin Special Provincial Administration and presented to the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) It was stated that he was entitled to support within the scope of
The project grant contract was signed between the parties and the project project of 3 was announced. The project presented to DOKA was project feasibility and required analysis and mapping operations were carried out within the scope of the project. It was emphasized that the preparation of the specifications were carried out.
In the statement, the natural beauty of Artvin and its districts, the coasts where the blue and the green embrace, the mountains starting from the coastline, the green forests in the inner parts, the endless and beautiful plateaus, the rich flora and fauna, the unique historical monuments, the glacial lakes, the glorious waterfalls and streams, sources, national parks and visitors with respectful and friendly people waiting for domestic and foreign tourists waiting for the attention,
Böl Artvin, which is accepted as an alternative city in alternative tourism, has an important potential in the region with its rafting, canoeing, treking, safari, hunting, mountaineering, camping and caravan tourism, culture and highland tourism, festivals and faith tourism and winter tourism. One of the most important factors that prevent Artvin from using this potential is the inadequacy of tourist infrastructure and its harsh geographical conditions. With the realization of the ropeway project, the touristic infrastructure will strengthen and the rise of the city center will make the barrier an advantage. In this respect, the ropeway project is considered as an effective step towards the evaluation of the touristic potential of the province. The project will strengthen the city's touristic infrastructure and facilitate urban transport.
The narrow, curvy, unidirectional and steep road leading to the city center makes transportation difficult even though it is a relatively short distance. The cable car will be an alternative means of transportation for the people of Artvin and will also relax the city traffic.

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