Meeting of Antalya by Railroad Will Have a Doping Effect on Cruise Tourism

Antalya Chamber of Shipping (DTO) President of the Antalya Branch Ahmet Erol, Antalya-Konya, Antalya-Burdur-Afyon railway line for many years in case of realization of the cruise tourism in terms of the region and the country will provide significant contributions to the economy, he said.
'Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevşehir and Kayseri Railway Line and Antalya Railway Preliminary Studies' were discussed at the Antalya City Council Economic Working Group. Politicians, representatives of business and non-governmental organizations, and a group of businessmen attended the meeting. Antalya Port and railway project were discussed at the meeting.
DTO Antalya Branch President Ahmet Erol said that they have been working on the connection of Antalya Port to the railway for 4 years. Stating that Antalya Port is a 'Passenger Downloading-Home Port' port in terms of cruise tourism, Erol noted that it is very saddening that Antalya Port is deprived of this, even though all ports in the world have a railway connection. Antalya Port railways to both cruise by connecting the number of passengers would increase both cargo capacity, exporter and importer to the costs also fell expressing Erol, so with further increase Turkey's competitiveness.
Expressing that it is essential to increase the trade volume of Antalya Port and cruise tourism, Erol continued, “150-200 thousand containers are transported annually in Antalya Port. However, 4,5 million containers are transported in Mersin Port. Why is Mersin carrying so much? It is connected to Anatolia by rail. We also work on expanding the port. An investment of $ 16 million is required to expand the port. Cruise ships are also increasing in size and passenger capacity. Ships with a capacity of 600-750 passengers can dock in Kaleici. Thus, Kaleiçi can be revived. ”
DTO President Ahmet Erol stated that with the current status of Antalya Port, it is the sea exit gate of Central Anatolia and Western Mediterranean. He noted that in order for Antalya Port to respond to a wider hinterland, the port expansion area is needed to meet the increased cargo and ship traffic and to increase the share of the city from maritime trade. Explaining that Antalya Port will become an important transportation hub of the region with the airport, Erol said, “The realization of Antalya-Konya high speed train line will make serious contributions to the region and the national economy in terms of cruise tourism. The number of passengers coming by sea will increase more. Therefore, a modern passenger terminal that will serve mega cruise ships will be needed. However, the harbor's existing passenger lounge and berth are inadequate. With the arrival of the freight train and high speed train line to Antalya, Antalya Port will have a very high industrial potential such as Konya, Afyon, Denizli, Burdur and Ankara. ” he spoke.

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